Hyderabad's Platform 65 new train restaurant has a new menu and offers over 200 appetisers 

The restaurant that serves food on miniature trains that run on a table, has changed its menu. The new menu is all about starters — a whole lot of them!   
Platform 65 The Train Restaurant
Platform 65 The Train Restaurant

Platform 65 Train restaurant set up its outlet at Kompally a year ago and has drawn people for its theme (train coach) and experience. But now, it began a ‘starter festival’ with over 200 appetisers, each different from another. The first miniature locomotive brought to the table steaming hot Velluli Kodi Charu, an invigorating soup that exploded tastebuds with spices, followed by a never-ending train of starters.  

Chef Jayanth Kumar Jena, the head chef at Platform 65, takes CE through the dishes served and says, “We started Velluli Kodi Charu soon after the Covid-19 pandemic began. Many love the taste of this soup, for it has small chunks of chicken, accompanied by the sharp taste of garlic and ginger, which are also good for immune health. With the public’s demand, we made this one of the main dishes on our menu that one could order anytime.”

They have been experimenting with something new for their menu. “No restaurant in the city offers 200 starters — besides, this is something different that we offer on the regular menu, which remains the same,” says chef Jayanth. Adding, “We always wanted to do something with the starters. We got the idea of a starter festival that our guests loved. We will continue the festival if the love continues to pour in.” The restaurant experimented for months to get a hang of appetisers’ recipes, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. 

From the new menu
From the new menu

“We started this a month ago because of the demand from our guests. We also started the kids’ menu in April, which is good for all the kids who come here with their families, for which we have got a good response as well.”

The train keeps moving with the appetisers, each train passing by, leaves a different flavour. One may never have the gut to taste them all, for only by tasting 8-10 appetisers one’s stomach is full. Their Allam Kodi Wings, Paneer Cheese Tikka, Lemon Chicken, and Mughlai Chicken are some signature dishes one must-try.  

This apart, the restaurant also started a bucket menu a month ago, where the food gets served in buckets. “Here one can devour a range of non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes. We even have an option to customise our buckets. The starter bucket, which has seafood, meat and vegetarian dishes, is a must-try.  The main course consists of Chitti Mutyalu Pulav, which comes in chicken and mutton and are popular decicacy. For vegetarians, butter naan with methi and paneer is one of the best combinations to go for,” he tells CE.  

The desserts are next level too. “We have Angora Rabdi, a perfect dessert to end the meal. We also have Seetapal Rabdi and a few others; one may have whatever they prefer,” the chef addded.  Overall the dishes are a thumbs up here, and the experience is one of its kind — seating is like that of a train’s coach. The table is the platform, which also served minced noodles, cauliflower lollipops, and butter garlic prawns. 

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