Food festivals are a rage in Hyderabad and here's what the chefs have to say

Decoding the latest trend of restaurants welcoming and collaborating with chefs from outside the state and even the country, to introduce different palates to foodies, all for a limited period 
Food festival
Food festival

Imagine being able to try and taste almost every cuisine you’ve heard of? Wouldn’t that be a dream, to not have to visit these actual countries to learn what their authentic food tastes like — made by people and chefs from that very region? And even if the city houses several kinds of the restaurants hosting various dishes and styles, there’s only so many places you can trust with getting the dish right! 

Well, as an answer to all these roadblocks and wishes, came in the latest trend of themed-dinners in the city. These places don’t necessarily have to be dinners but are spread across brunches and buffets as well. Some places are limiting these to weekend dinners alone and Manish Dayya, general manager, Novotel Hyderabad Convention Centre, explains, “We are known for our lavish brunches, revitalising food festivals and supreme hospitality services anchored by the people on one hand, and food connoisseurs on the other.

We are happy to be a regular contributor to improving the horizon of weekend dinners in the city. As of the now, from July 29 onwards, we are hosting a Punjabi Food Festival at the Food Exchange. Such sumptuous carnivals are an essential part of an ever-growing city like Hyderabad and these feasts and food galas are an important element of any city’s hospitality and project the weekend culture in a positive and flamboyant manner.” 

Novotel has had several such interesting food fests including the Kebabs & Curries Festival, Mango Food Festival, Turkish Food Festival and a Vegan Brunch Fest that is a hit among many Hyderabadis. It’s not just the top, popular five-star restaurants that are doing this, but smaller ones too have jumped on the bandwagon. 

Travel the world from a restaurant 

While they may not be as elaborate as an entire cuisine, some are working on certain specific dishes that are global favourites. For example, Oakleaf Restaurant & Bar, Gachibowli, is hosting Chinoiserie — A Dim Sum Fair that will go on for another three weeks. With the success of their previous food festivals like ‘Beer & Burger Festival’ and ‘Kebab — e — Khas’ festival, they are now introduce to guests some classic and delicious dim sums from talented and veteran mind — Chef de Cuisine, Subas Biswal. A veteran of the oriental cuisines, every dumpling is being handcrafted by him. “We have curated a selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian honest-to-heart classics. Priced very competitively and generously portioned, we are also offering a special package where our guests will get a bucket domestic beer with unlimited two non vegetarian or vegetarian dim sums of choice at a price of Rs 1500+ taxes and Rs 1050+ taxes respectively,” he tells CE.

Platform 65, a train-themed restaurant has held several such food fests, including their 200+ ‘Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian Starter Festival’, Traditional Telugu fest that had some of the best of raagi sangati, pachhi pulusu, etc., Dessert Fest, Monsoon fest, and will soon be hosting their Biryani Fest! Asked how they ensure, amid all the variety of food festivals, that the food remains authentic to taste, while also catering to the Hyderabadi tastebuds, Sadgun Patha, managing director and co-founder of Platform 65, says, “We have a dedicated team at all of our branches to help plan, organise and execute such festivals. They work on what’s trending currently, delve into wide research and once executive chefs at each branch experiments well enough to reach perfection and consistency, they train the other chefs at all branches to carry it out.”So next time you wonder what cuisine or delicacy to try next, these restaurants are certainly a safe bet for that authentic, time-saving experience.

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