Oakleaf Hyderabad's Burger and Beer Festival offers treats like Mumbai Burger and Loaded Meat Burger  

Oakleaf, Oakwood Residence Kapil, Hyderabad is hosting a burger and beer festival. With their menu, they are serving a delicious and interesting range of dishes.

author_img Suchitra Behara Published :  12th February 2021 10:00 AM   |   Published :   |  12th February 2021 10:00 AM

Loaded meat burger

We always had a leaning towards juicy and stuffed burgers even when eating them might get slightly messy. The balance of meat, vegetables and the sauces always make them delectable. So when we were invited to the Burger and Beer Festival being held at Oakwood Residence Kapil, how could we say no?

With soft buns

We arrived at Oakleaf, the all-day dining restaurant at Oakwood, and scanned their menu of scrumptious burger options. We first picked the Mushroom Burger from their range of vegetarian burgers. The burger came with a duxelles patty, which contained mushroom, onions, flavoured with herbs and spices, and tamarind mayo, all packed in bagel buns. It also came with a side of coleslaw with a twist. We enjoyed the interesting flavour especially the tamarind which added a hint of tanginess to the burger.

Mushroom burger

Fusion of flavours

We then moved onto the Mumbai Burger, which happens to be inspired by Maximum City’s famous street snack — Vada Pav. The burger comes with a deep-fried spiced potato patty, mint mayo and garlic chutney. We must say that this burger was an impressive take on Vada Pav. It was hands down our favourite part of the sampling session. And, it also comes with a side of onions, making the experience more authentic.

Mumbai burger

Call in for cheese

After sampling their vegetarian menu, we moved on to the nonvegetarian section. Our first choice was the Curried Chicken And Loaded Cheese Burger. Unlike the other burgers that we tried, this one was slightly different. It had no patty and the chicken was pulled. The overdose of cheese made it creamy. There is also an additional layer of lettuce, that adds freshness to the dish.

Curried chicken and loaded cheese burger

Ahoy, meat lovers

Our final pick was the Loaded Meat Burger and it was true to its name. It came with chicken, eggs, lamb, bacon and tenderloin which had been cooked and treated differently. It also had molten cheese, making the dish quite decadent.

All the burgers also came with a side of crispy and spicy potato wedges and tomato ketchup. There were vegetables like carrots, cucumbers and zucchini served alongside. A dropper with ketchup was also inserted to the buns so that we could drizzle it all over the burger.

We love our burgers and Oakleaf’s latest burger festival did not disappoint us. With their menu, they served up with delicious and interesting range of dishes. Pair them with the beer available and you are good to go.

Rs. 1,000 onwards. At Oakleaf, Oakwood Residence Kapil, Gachibowli.