Gujarati Undhiyu legacy to be honoured at Gaurang's Kitchen in Hyderabad with a special platter

Welcoming the season of winter with undhiyu, the kitchen prepares Surat’s regional claim-to-fame

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Undhiyu platter at Gaurang's Kitchen in Hyderabad

Undhiyu platter at Gaurang's Kitchen in Hyderabad

Gaurang's Kitchen, which serves regional cuisines from all across India and draws influence from traditional and defunct dishes, is constantly working to provide the best vegetarian foods in India to Hyderabad. Undhiyu, also known as Gujarati cuisine's 'poster dish,' is currently being served here by him and his team of chefs.

The dish has been so popular and well-liked that there is even a National Undhiyu Day celebrated on January 14!

Gujarat welcomes winter with the undhiyu, a dish prepared with a mix of seasonal vegetables. The dish has developed a cult following due to the seasonality of its ingredients and the labour-intensive cooking process. It is consumed all over the state and has a different flavour for each region.

Undhiyu is commonly made in rural areas with a little oil and a few masalas, and it is frequently garlic-ky in Surat and has a mild flavour in Ahmedabad.

You can indulge yourself at The Kitchen with a superb selection of starters, main courses, bread, rice or khichidi, dal khadi, and a sumptuous dessert. Patra, Lilvaka Kachori, Sabudana Bhel, and Bhavangri Mirchi Na Bajiya are some of the highlighted options, while the star of the main course is Undhiyu.

Flat green beans called Surti papdi are used in the recipe. Alo Saat Dhan No Kichdo, rangoli val, aloo raseela, and paneer pasanda are included in addition to papdi. No undhiyu is complete without the fried dumplings known as muthiyas, which are made from gram flour and bitter methi (fenugreek) leaves.

"Come celebrate with us the tastes of Undhiyu, the most loved cuisine of Gujarat,” says celebrated Hyderabad-based designer Gaurang, who has trained himself with several traditional, handcrafted weaves across the country. He is known for his immersion of the textile conventions of India into his clothing ingenuity. He is also the inventor of the renowned vegetarian restaurant, Gaurang’s Kitchen, situated in Jubilee Hills. 

Undhiyu is a popular dish served during Gujarat's Uttarayan festival, which celebrates the wealth of the harvest and is marked by kite flying. Families and groups of friends enjoy Undhiyu, hot pooris, and shrikhand on rooftops while colourful kites of all shapes and sizes fill the sky.

At Jubilee Hills. ₹1,250 including taxes. This delicacy will be available at Gaurang's Kitchen from November until January 14, 2023.


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