Nordic Sleep by Fossflakes products are crafted for optimal comfort 

Norse Brands has launched high-quality, sustainable sleep solutions in India

Norse Brands has launched Nordic Sleep by Fossflakes, which embodies the principles of Nordic and Scandinavian design — simplicity, functionality, and comfort. This Danish brand is a testament to high-quality, sustainable sleep solutions, offering a diverse collection of pillows, duvets, and more. The range extends to thoughtfully designed pet beds, catering to discerning pet parents. 

From special pillows and ergonomic designs to maternity pillows, each product from Nordic Sleep is meticulously crafted for optimal comfort and sustainability. 

Arti  Gudal, CEO of Norse Brands, and Rajjnish Aroraa, Vice Chairman, Dicitex Furnishing, who have launched the brand in India, tell us that finding ways to reduce the environmental footprint of their products while retaining their durability, warmth and comfort is at the heart of their sustainability efforts.

“The material used is cotton and filling is polyethylene balls and we have decided to introduce cotton sourced from Better Cotton farmers, who are trained to use less water, synthetic pesticides and fertilisers,” says Arti.

<em>Dark Terracotta Outdoor Cushion</em>
Dark Terracotta Outdoor Cushion
<em>Linen Throw Pillows-Sofie Engell</em>
Linen Throw Pillows-Sofie Engell

The designs primarily cater to the need of the consumers, starting with the healthcare pillows, the duvets or the pet beds — all odour-free and machine washable. “The USP of Nordic Sleep products is that the filling does not couple or sag on any one side even after the wash. The size remains the same even after repeated use. The testing press machine, which consists of one pillow done with the pressure machine over 11,000 times with approximately 10 kg pressure, still bounces back to shape because of the filling,” explains Rajjnish.

The duvets are quilted in such a way that the air flows freely leading to just not the fabric being breathable but the filling as well. The fabrics used are all treated for allergies making them easy to use for one and all. The brand has healthcare pillows like chiropractic for the neck, side sleeper for the shoulder, and ankle knee pillow for the sciatica, which helps in the hips. “Pregnancy U pillows are for pregnant women who are used to sleeping on their stomachs,” says Arti.

Pet beds are also machine washable and odour-free, with the specialised filling that doesn’t cause any allergies.

Price for duvets starts at Rs15,000; pillows (base) at Rs 7,500; and healthcare pillows at Rs 4,500.
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