Sapana Carpet - Mats launches new collection

Sapana Carpet - Mats' new range is a fusion of European aesthetics and contemporary designs
Sapana carpet
Sapana carpet

Rugs are to our homes what shoes are to a well-dressed outfit. They can make or break the look of any room. Sapana Carpet - Mats’ new range is designed to enhance a room’s style, creating an impression of complexity and comfort. “A carpet must do nothing less than enhance the environment it adorns and take the space to extraordinary expressions of elegance. We have designed our new collection around this philosophy,”  says Nishith Gupta, the second generation entrepreneur running the legacy brand.

Speaking about the brand’s new range, Nishith tells us that it has a European influence. “We have taken  inspiration from the English town of Belford when it comes to colours, but the designs are contemporary,” he says and adds that carpets can be a game changer on how a room looks and feels. “For instance, our newly launched Bedford shag area rug is premium, thick and cozy, while Regale has a soft and shiny texture. They are totally different when it comes to colour scheme and designs. While Bedford is more European and comes in warm tones, Regale features trendy colours and designs. Both are premium shag rugs, and are soft and comfortable,”  he says.

The firm has also launched a new collection of luxurious bath mats that are thick and opulent in light colours. “The two new collection of bath mats — Florence and Naples — have a soft palette and have  a  sophisticated look. Patterns on them slightly vary,” he says. 

While its new collection is created around the latest design trends, the brand pursues its own design language, which is distinct and unique. Talking about the demand for rugs in modern décor, the owner says, “The demand for aspirational products is on the rise, mainly because people are more aware now. They travel a lot. As their income levels grow, the demand for products like rugs and carpets, which can enhance the look of any room, also goes up.” 

The brand will soon be launching two more collections of premium carpetsVenice and Modena. “Venice features hand carved irregular patterns replicating the patterns of the canals of Venice. Modena is a ‘high pile’, which means the fibres are tall and loose like a shag carpet; and has urban, chic, modern and contemporary designs,”  he explains.

Sapana Carpet - Mats operates through an omni-channel distribution model comprising over 30,000 retail stores all over India.

Rs 2,000 onwards. 
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