Durga Puja 2018 Special: The Westin Kolkata's Chef Vikash Prasad shares the recipe for Paneer Paturi

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Panner Paturi Kolkata Recipe

Chef Vikash Prasad, Executive Chef The Westin Kolkata

If you are a vegetarian, or abstain from eating non-vegetarian during the five days of Durga Puja, Vikash Prasad, executive chef of The Westin Kolkata Rajarhat, has an innovative vegetarian alternative for you --- Paneer Paturi. Here’s the recipe.

Paneer Paturi

Paneer Paturi

(Serves for 10)


One kg Paneer (10 steak of 100 gm)

Black mustard seeds: 150 gm

Poppy seeds: 50 gm

Fresh coconut: 50 gm          

Green chillies: 15      

Turmeric powder (haldi): 25 gm

Salt to taste   

Banana leaf to wrap

Mustard oil: 50 ml



Mix the paneer pieces with half teaspoon of turmeric powder and salt in a bowl. In a mixer grinder, make a paste of mustard seeds, poppy seeds and green chillies by adding a little bit of water. Take the grated coconut in a bowl. Add mustard paste, a bit of salt to taste and remaining turmeric powder. Mix and make a fine mixture with a fork. Cover and keep them in the fridge for an hour.

Take out the paneer from the fridge and mix with a teaspoon of mustard oil. Stir gently, warm the banana leaves over an open flame for 30 seconds, and make sure it does not get burnt. Put banana leaf pieces glossy side up over a plate; rub a little mustard oil on it. Now spread a teaspoon of marinated paste in the center of the banana leaf, place one piece of paneer on the paste and put another teaspoon of paste on the top of paneer piece so as to cover the paneer piece by the paste from both sides then place a green chili on top of it.

Fold the banana leaf to make it a square parcel and tie with a thread so that the parcels will not open while cooking.

Now, take a non-stick pan and grease some oil on it and place the banana leaf wrapped paneer pieces on it (you can place four to five pieces at a time, according to the size of your pan), close the pan with a heavy lid and cook on medium heat for eight to nine minutes on each side on a medium heat.

Serve hot with rice.