Five key differences in dating patterns between Genz and Millennials

According to a survey, 23 percent of GenZ from tier 1 and tier 2 cities regard ghosting to be far less offensive

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Dating GenZers are more grounded in reality than dating Millennials

Dating GenZers are more grounded in reality than dating Millennials

New data from a popular Indian dating service illuminates the relationship preferences of GenZ and Millennial daters. 10,000 users of the dating app who are working adults and students between the ages of 18 and 35 were surveyed from Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities. 

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The study shows that despite considerable disparities in their dating behaviours, both generations favour online dating over traditional dating. With nearly 59 percent of participants under the age of 23 chose dating apps as their preferred method of meeting someone. Nonetheless, some Millennial daters still choose conventional meet-cutes and buddy introductions.

Casual vs. Serious

As they are not interested in casual dating, 43 percent of Millennial daters on the platform stated utilising the app to find committed partnerships. The majority of these daters attribute it to getting older. According to research on the younger generation, 54 percent of daters were interested in casual dating and serious partnerships depending on the type of person they are meeting online. 

According to Millennials, ghosting is immature

In contrast to 32 percent of Millennial daters who find the practice extremely insulting and immature, the study indicated that 23 percent of GenZ from tier 1 and tier 2 cities regard ghosting to be far less offensive. Whereas millennials believe that individuals should take responsibility for their actions and have the bravery to admit when something is not going well, GenZ daters believe that it is preferable to avoid difficult conversations.

For GenZ, shared values are essential

The survey reveals that Millennials are more laid-back and accommodating than Gen Z daters when it comes to shared beliefs and compatible outlooks on life. According to 36 percent of female Gen Z daters, they wouldn't contemplate dating someone who held conflicting moral or ethical principles. According to the study, Gen Z daters have strong ideas and are unwilling to consider other people's viewpoints; similar tastes and complementary energy are key factors in their decision-making. 

Gen Z daters seek companionship

According to the report, Gen Z app users are not terrified of being single. In fact, 27 percent of male users under the age of 23 are using the app to make real friends, as opposed to 39 percent of Millennial guys. These teenage daters are frequently observed conversing informally online with their matches without any intention of becoming exclusive.

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Realists and romantics

Dating GenZers are more grounded in reality than dating Millennials. 37 percent of Gen Z users, primarily college students, stated they don't think in soul mates or "forever" love. They choose partners based on their appearance, charisma, and sense of style.