Sonu Sood and his team arrange for oxygen cylinders at midnight, save 22 people at Bengaluru hospital

A member of the Sonu Sood Charity foundation, Hashmath Raza had received a call about a shortage in oxygen cylinders at ARAK hospital, after which the team jumped into action

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Sonu Sood And His Team Arrange For Oxygen Cylinders

Sonu Sood has emerged a saviour amid the devastating COVID-19 pandemic

Actor Sonu Sood and his team arranged for more than 16 oxygen cylinders on Tuesday at midnight and supplied it at the ARKA hospital in Bengaluru, where at least 22 people were in critical condition due to lack of oxygen supply.

Media sources said a member of the Sonu Sood Charity foundation, Hashmath Raza had received a call from MR Satyanarayan, inspector of Yelahanka Old Town, about a shortage in oxygen cylinders at ARKA hospital, due to which two patients had reportedly died.

The team soon roped in other volunteers and arranged for around 16 oxygen cylinders over the next few hours.

Talking about the process that went into it and the efforts of his team, Sonu told media sources, “This was sheer teamwork and the will to help our fellow countrymen. As soon as we got the call from Inspector Satyanarayan, we verified it and got to action within minutes. The team spent the entire night not thinking about anything else but just helping the hospital get oxygen cylinders. Had there been any delay, many families would have lost their close ones.”

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He also thanked his team and the other volunteers who had helped supply the oxygen cylinders to patients. “I want to thank everyone who helped in saving so many lives last night. It’s such actions by my team members that make me want to keep going on and on and trying to make a difference in the lives of people. I’m extremely proud of Hashmath who was in touch with me throughout the whole time and the entire team who helped them,” Sonu said.

Media reports said police officers too had helped the team at one point. The police personnel had helped shift a patient to another hospital since no ambulance had been available.

Earlier, Sonu had tweeted saying, “Anyone who has lost a loved one due to scarcity of Oxygen or an injection, will never be able to live in peace all their life. They will always live with a feeling that they failed to save their family. I want to tell them.. You didn't fail, We did. (sic)” 

His kind words were received with lots of love by fans and colleagues. Pooja Bhatt too appreciated him and said, “Extraordinarily generous & life affirming words! And truly moving because they are not spoken but truly felt! So much respect @SonuSood in every which way. Will the bereft nation ever hope to hear this from elected leaders? Only when we do can we even begin to heal! (sic)”

Sonu Sood has emerged a saviour amid the devastating COVID-19 pandemic, with his philanthropy and services to help the needy. He has helped arrange for medical supplies, drugs, transport facilities, education for children, vaccination against COVID-19, and employment for people, to name a few, over the last one year.

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