Sheetal Bangur talks about her decade-long journey as an entrepreneur and her passion for wellness

It all started in 2010 to provide the finest holistic care incorporating spa, salon, gym, fitness and nutrition all within the same location
Sheetal Bangur with her Maltese dogs
Sheetal Bangur with her Maltese dogs
Sheetal Bangur is no stranger to self care. Passionate about fitness, she ardently pursues yoga and strength training — and it comes as no surprise that she is in the business of self love and self care. Managing partner, Soul Beauty and Wellness Centre LLP, she started the successful  chain more than a decade ago in Hyderabad, and now the brand boasts a niche market. Located at the most prominent locations like Jubilee Hills, Film Nagar, Madhapur and Kokapet, Soul has become a benchmark in beauty and wellness care.
Sheetal, a postgraduate in Commerce and Business Administration has a strong sense of business and enterprise. She is the director at Kiran Vyapar Ltd (non-banking  finance), Placid Limited  (accounting), Samay Industries Ltd (manufacturing), Swadeshi Commercial Co Ltd (finance), Apurva Export Pvt Ltd (investment banking) and The Marwar Textile Agency Pvt Ltd (manufacturing).

Holistic experience
Soul Beauty & Wellness Centre LLP was incorporated in the year 2010 to provide the finest holistic care incorporating spa, salon, gym, fitness and nutrition all within the same location. Talking about the inspiration behind starting Soul, she says, “My cousin inspired me to venture into this industry. We wanted to provide all the wellness services like spa, salon, gym, fitness and nutrition, under one roof. All the sections have their ambience even if they are located under one roof. The spa has dim lights with soothing music, while the salon has upbeat music and bright lights.” Further adding, “We offer spa services like ayurveda rasayana, scrubs, body wraps, face treatment, Thai massages and reflexology. Our salon services include hair, skin and nails apart from bridal packages. We organise workshops too with experts for our clients.”

For the love of art
Sheetal, who loves to travel and play pranks on her friends, has a holistic approach to her own wellness. “I don’t follow any fad diets. I eat ghee in all my meals. I follow celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar’s diet plan along with swimming and table tennis,” she says. Another subject close to her heart is her passion for art and she has collected around 500 artworks and sculptures over the years. Some of her art collections include masterpieces from Thota Vaikuntham, Laxma Goud, SH Raza, Bose Krishnama Chari and Seema Kohli. What many people might not know is that Sheetal believes in vaastu, numerology, astrology, and tarot. While all the Soul properties follow those guidelines, her house that has three levels and is set on a sloping site, with a cellar and stilt, is also designed accordingly. Even the puja room in her house is designed keeping in mind the presence of the five elements of nature — fire, wind, water, earth and space. “It has been a great journey till now. We are planning to expand to properties we own in future to save on rentals. For me, shortlisting a place for Soul is all about the ease of connectivity. All my spas are centrally located and have luxury written all over them suitable for my clientele,” concludes the art aficionado who lives in her stunning four-bedroom  house at Jubilee Hills, with her family of adorable furry companions — her nine Maltese dogs.
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