Paloma about town: A Kite festival and glow in the dark art canvasses

This past week, we saw some interesting events take place...

author_img Paloma Rao Published :  19th August 2022 07:00 AM   |   Published :   |  19th August 2022 07:00 AM

A glimpse from the Kite festival

Just when we think we’ve seen everything, a new week arrives and with it a new experience. Art in the Dark was the event of the week, where yes, it is in fact exactly as it sounds. If sip and paint wasn’t enough, now you have an added element to step things up a notch. This seemingly crazy concept, the brainchild of Indrajala Moturi Kandimalla turned out to be a super fun way to spend an evening. After we got over our óoh-ing’and áah-ing’ at the glow-in-the-dark elements and our initial fit of giggles at each other’s extra bright teeth, we settled in to the task at hand. The guided session was a bit of a ‘mind trip’ as someone described it, but it was great to be able to focus in a different way. I loved the countdown to the lights being turned on, for the big reveal of what our creative attempts actually looked like. There were no screams of horror so thankfully everyone was pretty happy with their efforts.



Indrajala and Paloma at the Art in Dark event


We all enjoyed the long weekend to the fullest, with some making quick getaways, others chilling and most expressing their national pride in a variety of ways. From tri-coloured themed food to make-up looks, we saw a whole range on social media. Sunday also saw the Kite festival, which means that a variety of strange objects were spotted in the sky. Those that made the long drive said the hours wait in traffic was worth it in the end.


Colourful skies at the Kite Festival


Yashika at the Opal Dentistry event


Earlier in the week, all the beauty and skincare girls had gathered for an interactive session with Dr Blossom Kocchar, a pioneer in aromatherapy. The talk on curative oils saw many takers, all of whom were eager to meet the icon herself. With experience that spans almost four decades, Dr Kocchar had some great insights and advice, not just on holistic beauty but also wellbeing. Many of the same faces were seen at the launch of Opal Dentistry’s flagship centre in Guindy. Big smiles were accompanied by bright colours and summery dresses.