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Coffee is the latest trending ingredient in skincare

mCaffeine Product Review: Caffeine kick in beauty rituals

Back in 2015 there was no other brand that sold caffeinated personal care. There are hardly any even today, which is why mCaffeine rules the segment

Published on 10th October 2021
Competitions over a cuppa

Competitions over a cuppa

Coffee is not just a beverage anymore, it’s a cultural experience,” starts Manessa Raghavan, and I could not agree more.

Published on 6th October 2021
Quirky cafes where the mocha meets the montages are the new go-to places in Indian cities now

Coffee, canvas, conversations in cafes at metro cities

We take a look at how metro cities are housing tastefully done-up spaces rich with artworks to bring in the coffee and art connoisseurs alike

Published on 5th October 2021
Kebabwala & Co

From Coffee Cup to E'woke, here are the must-visit cafes in and around Sanikpuri, Hyderabad

Drive around lush green Sainikpuri and you will find over 20 cafes and restaurants bustling with activity on just a single stretch of 1.9 km

Published on 2nd October 2021
You can make coffee without a coffee maker

World Cofee Day: Here’s how you can make your morning cuppa without a coffee maker  

It's easy to brew coffee without a machine. All you need is a few basic kitchen supplies

Published on 1st October 2021

At R’vive Cafe in Kilpauk, you could help someone with their mental health by simply ordering a cup of coffee

The café has integrated seven recovering patients from the Institute of Mental Health, Kilpauk into their staff

Published on 1st October 2021
World Coffee Day: unique coffee recipes

World Coffee Day special: Try these three unique coffee recipes at home

You can try these simple recipes at home

Published on 1st October 2021
Coffee crusted beef steak

World Coffee Day: Try this caffeine-infused grilled delicacy by Chef Ravish Mishra   

Think out of the box (read cup) this World Coffee Day 

Published on 1st October 2021

International Coffee Day: A deep dive into America's coffee culture

A close look at the North American country's coffee drinking patterns and history, from Seattle to Hawaii

Published on 1st October 2021

Soros, a new cafe, reimagines cappuccinos and lattes with infusions such as Plum Cake and Tennessee Whiskey

For the less adventurous they also offer classic cappuccinos, lattes and shakeratos

Published on 1st October 2021
Masala Coffee

Telugu spice in Masala Coffee

The clock strikes eight. Diners wearing glittery outfits walk into the Prism Club & Kitchen with hopes of having the time of their lives

Published on 25th September 2021
coffee tasting journal

Can coffee-tasting journals lead you to better blends? We decode

A few checklists can help you make better coffee

Published on 7th September 2021
Potboiler Coffee House

First Look: Head to Potboiler Coffee House’s new address in Kolkata for refreshing coffee flavours

Head to Potboiler Coffee House’s new address for refreshing coffee flavours

Published on 12th August 2021

Les Amis serves up a 'dessert wonderland' with gelato, tall cakes and chocolate on tap!

Expect bright and airy Scandinavian-inspired interiors spread across a 7,000 sq ft store on Chamiers Road

Published on 23rd July 2021

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