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No pain, only gain

Here are some low-key workout routines that let you stay fit without stepping out of your comfort zone

Published on 10th September 2023
According to a study, regular exercise can help schoolchildren deal with stress better and become more resilient.

Regular physical activity can cut stress levels in kids: Study

According to a study, regular exercise can help schoolchildren deal with stress better and become more resilient.

Published on 7th September 2023
This all-too-common reality is now being challenged by an alternative approach with promising potential - naturopathy.

Naturopathy: A holistic approach to mental health and wellness

Naturopathy, also known as naturopathic healing, offers a distinct perspective that prioritises the body's innate healing mechanisms over external interventions

Published on 30th August 2023
Image Credits: Pexels

Move Your Body: Here is why a good exercise regimen can help cure diabetes

Exercise is a cornerstone of a  healthy lifestyle and holds immense importance, particularly for individuals with diabetes or those at risk

Published on 18th August 2023
Untitled_designIn Frame: Jennifer AnistonIn Frame: Jennifer Aniston

Fit and fabulous Jennifer Aniston quits 'painful' workouts for mindful exercises 

The Friends star urged her fans to get at least 10-20 minutes of mindful movement everyday

Published on 7th June 2023

Five exercises that you can do without getting up 

For a variety of reasons, people may be unable or unwilling to get up from their chairs and do a full-fledged workout

Published on 14th May 2023
Many of Virat's fans are inspired by his commitment to maintaining good health

‘A no masala diet’ is the secret to Virat Kohli's fitness

In an interview, Virat said that he doesn't care too much about the flavours of his meals, but he occasionally likes salads with a little dressing

Published on 1st May 2023
(L-R) Kartik Aryan and Shraddha kapoor with Praveen, Praveen and Maahek Nair,

EXCL: Shraddha Kapoor’s trainers, Praveen Nair and Maahek Nair, get candid about her diet, exercise routine and more

We speak to the celebrity coaches to find out how the actress manages to stay fit as a fiddle despite being such a foodie!

Published on 28th April 2023
Breathing exercises come in a variety of forms

Here are three breathing exercises you should try and their benefits

Many pranayama techniques to control breathing are described in traditional yoga books

Published on 24th February 2023
Frequent exercise can cause exhaustion, which can be lessened by obtaining adequate rest or sleeping for an entire night| credit: Zohre Nemati (Unsplash)

Here is how nutrition can help you to combat fatigue

Fatigue is a recurring, unusual state of tiredness and sleepiness. When you're exhausted, it could be challenging and discouraging to stick to your regular regimen

Published on 20th September 2022
By practising these yoga techniques you can stay healthy and bright throughout this Diwali season

Here are six yoga exercises to keep you fit and glowing for the festive season

By practising these yoga techniques, which include asanas (body postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), and meditation, you can stay healthy and bright throughout the season

Published on 15th September 2022
Here are five exercises that will engage your entire body while concentrating on the four main components of fitness

Five bodyweight exercises for full body strength training and conditioning

An effective technique to engage in resistance training is building strength and endurance using bodyweight exercises

Published on 1st September 2022
Daily exercise is better than irregular heavy workouts says new report

New research states that daily exercise is more beneficial than heavy irregular workouts

The group in the study which performed daily exercise saw a significant increase in muscle strength with an increase in muscle thickness

Published on 18th August 2022

Fitness coach Chinmoy Roy believes in a mixed bag of exercises to keep fit

Fitness coach Chinmoy Roy believes in mixing and matching exercises and enjoying them

Published on 24th December 2021
Easy inner thigh stretches

Fitness instructor Paramvir Singh gives five easy exercises to strengthen abductor muscles near the thigh

“Responsible for stability, working it out regularly will ease muscle tension in the legs and groin, and improve athletic performance,” he says

Published on 17th April 2022

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