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Dehydration, a condition that arises when the body loses more fluids than it takes in, can lead to an array of health complications.

Understanding dehydration: signs, prevention, and skin health

By recognising the signs of dehydration and implementing these preventative measures, individuals can safeguard their skin's health

Published on 13th August 2023

What is skin flooding?

Skin flooding is easy to incorporate and just about anyone can adopt this trend if they’re interested in treating skin dryness and dehydration

Published on 18th July 2023
Black alkaline water has added minerals, a pH of 8 or higher, ultra-hydrating, detoxifying, and anti-ageing properties

The rising trend of black alkaline water among Indian celebrities

Black water is ideal as it provides the skin with all the nutrients and alkaline energy needed

Published on 20th September 2022
Low blood pressure? (Photo: IANS)

Low blood pressure? NASA study recommends daily one-hour exercise, proper hydration

Suffering from low blood pressure? Do an hour or more of daily exercise and stay hydrated to improve the condition and control fainting or dizziness episodes, finds a NASA-funded study on astronauts.

Published on 20th July 2019

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