5 essentials for a thrilling kite flying experience this Independence Day

Rupam Jain

Independence Day signifies freedom, and it’s also a day when we love flying kites, which is symbolic of the freedom we gained years back. Flying kites adds fun to the celebration, and if you are gearing up for that, we list out five essentials you must have to enjoy a hassle-free kite flying experience.

Sunglasses by Voyage Eyewear

When you're constantly looking up at the kites against the bright sky, the sunlight can strain your eyes. Sunglasses protect your eyes from this glare, ensuring comfort. They also act as a barrier, preventing dust and other particles from bothering your eyes. Voyage Eyewear’s new collection has contemporary materials and specialised lenses crafted to shield your eyes from harmful UV rays. Thoughtfully designed to enhance your kite flying experience, these sunglasses also promise style and protection.

Sunscreen by The Body Shop

A sunscreen is crucial to safeguard your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. By applying sunscreen, you create a protective barrier that shields your skin from damaging UV rays. You can try The Body Shop’s Skin Defence Multi-Protection Light Essence with SPF 50 PA+++ Sunscreen which absorbs into your skin without feeling heavy. It is non-greasy and has strong sun protection (SPF 50 PA+++). 

Caps by Puma

While flying kites, caps provide a shield of shade for your face and head, protecting you from direct sunlight. It also prevents scalp sunburn and keeps the sun’s glare from bothering your eyes. Caps also keep your hair in check, preventing it from interfering with your activity. You can try Puma Caps which are comfortable to wear and come in a variety of ranges and sizes. Some of them are highly functional and have a moisture-wicking eyelet mesh sweatband and are designed to dry quickly which allows you to keep sweat away from your eyes and face.

Fingers Gloves by Fully

Any type of string or thread moving through the air at high speeds can pose a threat. It's capable of cutting through the skin or causing burns. This is where finger gloves step in — they act as a protective barrier for your fingers against the sharp strings used to control the kite. Finger Protective Gloves/Finger Cap/Finger Cops from Fully will ensure safety, control, and protection while you fly kites.

Footwear by Seasalt Cornwall

Comfortable footwear is an absolute must as you will be standing around for hours flying your kite. Good footwear will not only help you feel comfortable but also prevent slips and protect your feet from anything sharp on the ground. Seasalt Cornwall has specially customised footwear called Kite Flying Leather Sandals. They’ve got grippy soles, so you won't slip around on grass or ground. Plus, they’re extra comfy.

With your essentials sorted, get set for a fun-filled kite-flying experience. Happy Independence Day, everyone!