Hyderabadi artistes Sidharth Bendi, Pranati Khanna and Priyanka Aelay tell us how they stay creative during the lockdown

We spoke to three well-known artistes in the city, musicians Sidharth Bendi, Pranati Khanna and artist Priyanka Aelay, who are now busier than ever.

Paulami Sen Published :  21st April 2020 05:58 PM   |   Published :   |  21st April 2020 05:58 PM

Sidharth Bendi

The extended lockdown might have dampened the spirits of several Hyderabadis but the musicians and artists in the city are determined to use this time to look inwards and connect with their art.

Now, that is quite an inspiring thought! We spoke to three well-known artistes in the city - musicians Sidharth Bendi, Pranati Khanna and artist Priyanka Aelay - who are now busier than ever. Sidharth says, “I look at this time of self-isolation as an opportunity to complete a lot of work that I've been avoiding. Things like mailing my music to some companies, submitting it to playlists are all the important but time-consuming things that I got done.” He also runs a non-governmental organisation, for which he has managed to design creatives and make videos regularly during this period.

The One In A Million singer candidly confesses that while he keeps busy with live streams and takeovers on Instagram, the lack of live shows being problematic does occur, however, he vows to remain hopeful and has successfully managed to begin a crowdfunding campaign for his next single.

Pranati Khanna

Cut to Pranati Khanna, who is quite a familiar name in Hyderabad’s live music circuit. When we spoke to her, she told us that she has been spending quite a lot of time writing new music. “After my single comes out I want to continue putting music out throughout the year,” says the musician, whose song, Good, Old Fashioned in Love is set to come out this week. “This is the first song I’m putting out as just me and not my band and has only had one other mind on it which was my producer - Jonathan Anand Wesley. It’s very Pop, RnB feel wit rap by Aishan Vali,” says the musician who is also involved with designing for a fundraiser called Youth Feed India which has been sending supplies to daily wage workers during this lockdown. The 28-year-old also told us, “I haven’t been this inspired since I started my design agency. Just sit down and retain your creativity and use them has been a blessing in disguise.”

Priyanka Aelay

Meanwhile, city-based painter, Priyanka Aelay, who is busy being a mom to her 6-month-old son, has got herself enough studio time to finish her work at hand. She has been multi-tasking with elan. “I end my day sketching and talking to my family while we have dinner. I try to organize all the work that I have to do for my son in the morning and then cook for a while. I then go back to work when he sleeps,” she says.  When we ask her about what she is creating on her canvas at the moment, she states,  “I am working on my new series, as I have a solo show coming up in a few months at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai. This series will be focusing mostly on cosmopolitan dominance in the flora and fauna of the present times.”