Bombay Sapphire’s new Stir Creativity campaign hopes to reawaken creativity and bring positivity through art

Stir Creativity is an endeavour to inspire and unlock people’s creative potential using the arts for self-expression.
Martand Khosla for #StirCreativity
Martand Khosla for #StirCreativity

Launched in 1987, Bombay Sapphire is one of the most celebrated brands in the industry. An iconic brand with a longstanding commitment to fostering and nurturing creativity.

It embraces its inherent creativity aiming at actuating inner artists through creative and engaging experiences curated under its ‘Stir Creativity’ campaign. 

Stir Creativity is an endeavour to inspire and unlock people’s creative potential using the arts for self-expression.

Bombay Sapphire strongly believes that we are all born creative, but as we progress through life, we cease to tap into our artistic abilities. 

Therefore, Bombay Sapphire and Stir, a global platform for content creation and consumption specialising in Architecture, Design & Art, have joined hands to create a new platform under Stir Creativity with an effort to encourage positivity through art. 

As art is a form of hope, joy and manifestation, the Stir Creativity campaign focuses on building strength and unity by providing a platform for artists and for people from around the world to showcase their creative streak. 

Inspired by the 21 days of isolation, it was a special 21-day campaign to share emotions, expressions and ideas through various forms of art using 21 strokes, stitches, lines, forms of objects, patterns, etc. 

The platform is created on Stir’s Digital space, to showcase the artworks shared and inspire creativity in others. There have been more than 450 entries, bringing to life the country’s exceptional talent and creative spirit. 

<em>Apoorva Shroff for #StirCreativity </em>
Apoorva Shroff for #StirCreativity 

Well-known artists such as Architect Sanjay Puri, Designer JJ Valaya, Fashion Designer Nida Mahmood, Architect and Artist Martand Khosla, Textile Designer Valerie Barkowski, Interior Designer Shantanu Garg, to name a few, have participated and sent in their art and creativity.

<em>Aishwarya Shetty, 21 Different Stories, 21 Spaces Away</em>
Aishwarya Shetty, 21 Different Stories, 21 Spaces Away
<em>Michelle Poonawala for #StirCreativity </em>
Michelle Poonawala for #StirCreativity 
<em>Monica Sareen for #StirCreativity ​</em>
Monica Sareen for #StirCreativity ​
<em>Sunjay Puri for #StirCreativity ​</em>
Sunjay Puri for #StirCreativity ​

Visit the following link to explore the artworks and share your creative inspirations using the hashtag #StirCreativity -

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