Deepa Esweran’s paintings are inspired by the tranquillity of landscapes

Her paintings titled Landscapes will transport you into a different world
Painting by Deepa Esweran
Painting by Deepa Esweran

As you walk through an array of paintings currently on display at the Kadambari Gallery, DakshinaChitra, you are sure to be transported to a world where trees befriend you, sunlight guides you, and streams play with you. In this world of landscapes, there is no rush, no rage, and no regrets. It’s serene, tranquil and beautiful, far away from the maddening crowd.

Imagine if we can live in a place like this forever… that’s what Deepa Esweran’s paintings make you long for!  Titled Landcapes, the series of paintings are inspired from Deepa’s travels all over India and abroad. “I began painting at the age of eight, and since we used to travel a lot, all those memories of the time spent in the lap of nature has stayed with me; and I wanted to bring those beautiful moments alive through my paintings,” says Deepa, who learned the nuances of landscape painting from her father, well-known artist S B Esweran.

Talking about how she draws what inspires her, Deepa tells us, “Every place I visit, I make sure to make sketches of the view of the landscape; and when I return, I do the complete painting. There have been times when I have gone deep inside forests to get sketches. At other times, the landscapes were so beautiful that I sat there and painted them. Landscape  paintings  have the power to bring a positive mood and makes you feel relaxed. The beauty of nature  gives me immense  pleasure and energy,” says the artist.

Deepa’s art is so natural and real that people often tell her they would love to visit those places. For instance, her painting titled Reflection has two trees and a beautiful ray of light beaming through the two trees. Deepa says a lot of people have told her that they thought it was a place from a foreign land; but she bursts the bubble saying, “It’s from IIT Madras!”

Like they say, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, Deepa shares, “There are beautiful places all around us. All we need is the time and the vision to see that beauty. This exhibition also includes landscapes from the Alps, Kerala, and some very interior places from all around the country. Made on canvas, using acrylic paints, the paintings are washable and scratch-proof. 

Price starts at Rs 10,000.
Till October 23.
At Kadambari Gallery, DakshinaChitra.

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