Hyderabad-based outfit, Capricio released a new single, Gundelo, this Valentine’s Day  

Capricio's latest single is about love at first sight

author_img Suchitra Behara Published :  11th February 2022 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  11th February 2022 12:00 AM

Members of the band Capricio

Formed in the year 2016, Capricio is a five-member outfit that needs no introduction in the city’s live music circuit. Known for playing regional covers, the band brings their unique flavour to the popular melodies by adding a twist of their own. The band members Eknath Kiran Goparaju (vocals), Ayaan Khan (vocals), Sai Teja (percussions), Shravan Pakalpati (keyboard), and Nishanth Shekar (guitarist) are elated as their latest drop, Gundelo has already become the city’s favourite tune right in time for Valentine’s Day. We catch up with Shravan who composed the single. 

Can you tell us about your song? 

The track is all about first love. It is about the magical feeling, and the butterflies one gets when they see the person they like after a few years. 

Initially, when the melody was playing in my head, I did not have a particular theme to work on. And, one day I was playing the tune on my piano when the songwriter interrupted me and told me that the tune can make for a good nostalgic love story. 

How would you describe its theme? 

Well, it is a journey — losing your first love — finding it again.

Which genre would you place Gundelo in?

We, as a collective, usually play regional music but this time we tried pop music. We included elements like electronic beats, guitars, pianos, and synthesisers.

Is there a personal experience attached to the song?

There is nothing particular. But, we are sure that most people can connect with the lyrics.

As one of the first bands to start playing Telugu music in the city, do you see any changes in the live music circuit today?

Yes, the whole live music scene has drastically changed since we started our band. We are proud to see that city-based musicians are more fearless now. They are readily choosing music as a full-time career. At the end of the day, we all must pursue what we truly love.

Can we expect more originals from you?

Yes, we are actually working on a few original tunes. We also cannot wait to perform these tracks in our live gigs. It is overwhelming to see the kind of support that independent musicians are getting in the city. So, yes, we do have big plans for this year.

Where are you performing next?

We will play our usual gigs. But the big news is that we will be doing our first international show after the pandemic in the US for a two-month tour. We cannot wait to share more details with you all soon!

Gundelo is streaming on all online platforms.

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