'My Amma is my idol,' says singer Shweta Mohan

Singer Shweta Mohan who performs in the city today, speaks to us about music, her Amma and lots more  
Shweta Mohan
Shweta Mohan

Shweta Mohan is a well-known Indian playback singer, who has won praises as well as awards owing to her angelic voice that soothes the ears of listeners. She has the ability to sing in five languages namely Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi.

Starting her career early in life, Shweta began training for Carnatic music at the young age of nine. The singer has, in her career, sung over 600 songs, including in Malayalam and Tamil and a few other languages. Shweta has won four Filmfare awards, a Kerala State Award and a Tamil Nadu State Film Award. She has worked with some of the big names in the industry such as AR Rahman, and is now all set to perform in Namma Chennai.

What can we look forward to?

The audience can expect to see a version of Shweta that they have never seen before live in this city. Shweta Mohan with Bennet and the Band is a special concoction and can’t be missed!

What are the South Indian languages you enjoy singing the most in, and which one is more challenging?

I enjoy singing in all South Indian languages. I love singing in Hindi too. I find Telugu and Thamizh to be very musical as languages. Malayalam is beautiful in its own way but for a non-Malayali, Malayalam can get challenging with its many different aksharas.

Shweta Mohan
Shweta Mohan

As a professional singer, what are some steps you take to keep your voice performing as well as it does? 

I try to talk less and I’m choosy about what I eat. I avoid spicy and oily food. Staying calm and stress-free is important too. All this, combined with music practice helps me in maintaining my voice.

Who would you say personally has affected your career the most? 

My mother, of course. Watching her recording sessions are what ignited a fire in me, and I wanted to do that too. Apart from Amma, my singing idol is Dr KJ Yesudas. I grew up watching his dedication and Samarpanam to music. That is what inspires me even today.

How has  Binni Krishnakumar been an influence in your life?  

Binni chechi is one of the best people I have met in my life. She has shaped up my singing skills and I’m grateful to her, my dearest guru! She and Krishnan chettan are my guiding lights.

What are some of your upcoming projects?

There is an independent song with my Amma that we are working on and another independent song that I have composed music for and sung. I am waiting for these two songs to see the light of the day!

 How do you get along with your daughter?

My daughter is my best buddy. We are one soul in two bodies. She keeps looking out for me when I’m not around and I keep thinking of her when she’s not around.

 If you could give your younger self an advice, what would it be? 

To learn how to have utilised all the time that I had in my younger days, more fruitfully.

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