Jungkook featured in Beyonce’s Virgo season yearbook; BTS Army unhappy with RM’s omission

Jungkook’s childhood picture was seen next to Jada Pinkett Smith and Jennifer Hudson’s
Beyoncé (left) and BTS member Jeon Jung-kook (right)
Beyoncé (left) and BTS member Jeon Jung-kook (right)

Pop sensation Beyoncé took the Internet by storm on Monday after Jeon Jung-kook, one of the members of the popular boy band BTS (aka Bangtan Boys), was featured on the singer’s Virgo season yearbook on her official website. 

According to the tropical zodiac, Virgo governs the period between August 22 and September 22. The virtual yearbook by Beyoncé, who is also a Virgo and celebrates her birthday on September 4, saw names and childhood photos of several prominent figures who celebrate their birthday in this period, including actors Adam Sandler and Idris Elba, United States senator Bernie Sanders, style icon Billy Porter, Prince Harry, singers Jennifer Hudson, Nick Jonas and Pink, rappers Ludacris and Wiz Khalifa, Mother Teresa, and actress Zendaya, to name a few. The website also gave a special mention to late basketball legend Kobe Bryant, who was born on August 23, 1978, under the title ‘Most Valuable Player’, and listed out hard-working, creative, reliable, patient, and kind as traits of Virgos.

In the yearbook, one can see a photo of Jung-kook, whose birthday falls on September 1, from his childhood, placed right next to Jada Pinkett Smith and Jennifer Hudson. This mention is being interpreted as a sign of an upcoming collaboration between the two iconic artistes, with netizens getting excited and raising speculations on social media.

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One of the comments read, “If that picture of Jungkook is in Beyoncé’s Virgo season yearbook that means she got in contact with Jungkook and asked him for the photo which OBVIOUSLY means that she’s gonna be on JJK1 or we’re gonna get that Beyoncé x BTS collab we’ve been waiting for (sic).” Another said, “So now that Beyoncé added Jungkook to her list, that means sooner or later she will have a chat with bts, then a collab, then an official video of that collab, then it’s just BTS x Beyoncé world domination (sic).”

However, some from the BTS Army also expressed displeasure over the fact that Kim Namjoon (more commonly known as RM), who is leader of the BTS, didn’t make it to the list. RM celebrates his birthday on September 12. A fan wrote on social media, “I see everyone congratulating Jungkook on being noticed by Beyonce but I must admit I’m a bit confused as Namjoon is also a Virgo not to mention he’s the leader of BTS and has written more of their songs. As well as the one who spoke at the UN (sic).”

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