From using a homemade hair mask to focusing on what’s within, Shraddha Kapoor’s beauty standards are organic and wholesome

Shraddha Kapoor follows a wholesome beauty practice to look flawless and natural and now the actress has collaborated with a hair care brand apart from other list of beauty brands she endorses

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Shraddha Kapoor on beauty standards

Shraddha Kapoor on beauty standards

Actress Shraddha Kapoor is all about a healthy lifestyle. The actress makes a conscious effort to stay fit and is now also big on the brand new hair care product, Power Gummies. In a chat with Indulge, the actress talks about her idea of beauty, her hair care routine and how she stands by her endorsements. Excerpts:

What is your idea of beauty?

My idea of beauty is far beyond something that is skin-deep. I genuinely believe that beauty emerges and emanates light, from the inside out. And so, it’s more about who you are, how kind and positive you are and what you believe in and stand for rather than anything else. 

You recently associated yourself with a vegan hair care brand. What do you ensure before using any brand for yourself?

There are so many brands to use for your hair, it does become difficult to choose the right one, keeping in mind the ingredients and how it affects you. I always look out for something that is more sustainable, good for a long term use, and that goes with my lifestyle. I use products which are convenient and give that extra care to my hair with minimal effort.

What hair routine do you follow?

I follow a basic yet effective hair care routine — which is oiling, using a gentle shampoo and conditioner and end it with a serum. I also try to use a homemade hair mask twice a month, a remedy that really suits my hair.

Being an actress, how do you deal with beauty standards and stereotypes that exist in show business?

While beauty stereotypes do exist, I do also see a conscious effort being made by people, brands and entities to break away from them and create a more inclusive atmosphere. For me, beauty truly comes from within. If you look inside and see what you like, if you stay positive and really live a wholesome life — I believe it shows instantly. You radiate from the inside out, and that to me is true beauty.