Actor Aneesha Joshi talks about the medical drama The Resident, sharing the screen with her twin sister and her love for kuchipudi

Aneesha will be seen as Padma Devi along with her twin sister Anuja Joshi who plays the role of Dr Leela Devi

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Aneesha Joshi

Indian-American actor Aneesha Joshi, who has featured in Bollywood movies like Padmaavat and Simran recently joined the cast of The Resident, a medical drama by American broadcasting company Fox. Aneesha will be seen as Padma Devi along with her twin sister Anuja Joshi who plays the role of Dr Leela Devi. The actor earned a Bachelor’s degree from Boston University before moving to Mumbai and had collaborated with choreographer Nimit Kotian on a dance cover of Zack Knight and Jasmin Walia’s Bom Diggy. Indulge caught up with the actor to learn  more about her role and her interests. Excerpts from the interview:

Aneesha on the sets of The Resident Season 5

Tell us about your role on The Resident.
My experience working on The Resident has been nothing short of a dream. This show is so compelling, entertaining and has such a talented cast and crew. Not to mention I am lucky enough to share screen space with my sister for the very first time! Working with Anuja on building Leela and Padma’s storyline is a joy and truly inspiring as an actor. Coming to work on The Resident every day has been such a joy, and I truly feel like I am learning so much on the job by just absorbing and observing my surroundings.

Movies or web series, which one is closer to your heart?
That is such a difficult question to answer. I don’t think I can necessarily say which medium I enjoy more. The process of building a character arc over a feature-length script and over many episodes is quite different. I don’t know what the next episode holds for my character all the time, so I am required to make strong acting choices and also stay fluid and awake to the movement of the storyline. That experience has taught me to be open to changing outlooks and staying spontaneous.

You are a trained kuchipudi dancer. What inspired you to take up acting?
I always saw kuchipudi as a form of acting. Each individual piece in kuchipudi tells a detailed and beautiful story of an avatar, deity, or devotee. There are so many epic stories in Hindu mythology, and kuchipudi allows for the communication of those stories through intricate dance movements as well as abhinaya, facial expressions. I believe that my kuchipudi training is what opened up my eyes to the possibility of pursuing acting professionally.

What is your make-up and style mantra?
I like to keep my make-up quite simple. I love to do a soft brown smokey eye with brown eyeliner and mascara. This basic look is easy and allows you to get creative with your lip colour. For the fall season, I’ve been really into red lipstick. As far as styling, I love a good coat, blazers, scarves, boots, and lately, satin slip dresses. Layering in the cold weather allows for so much creativity with styling.

Apart from acting, what else interests you?
Apart from acting, I am really passionate about dancing. I want to do a dance number in Bollywood this year. I know I will do it justice!

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