City-based model Pragnya Ayyagari says, ‘Luck on my side’ 

Those who partake in beauty pageants like Miss India are beautiful and original

author_img Mayank Tiwari Published :  14th May 2022 05:47 PM   |   Published :   |  14th May 2022 05:47 PM
Pragnya Ayyagari

Pragnya Ayyagari

City lass Pragnya is gearing up to become a supermodel and represent India on a global platform. She opens up about her plans to create a sustainable fashion brand to reduce the carbon footprint that the fashion industry leaves behind.

Those who partake in beauty pageants like Miss India are beautiful and original. They all work hard to be presentable with grace in the best version of their physical attributes. But, besides all the work they do, luck remains the factor between them and the crown. CE catches up with Pragnya Ayyagari, Miss India Telangana winner, who now eyes the Miss India crown and confidently says, “Luck is on my side.” 

“The competition is not with others, for they are equally beautiful and deserving. The competition is with myself. I have to set my own standards and achieve them. That’s what make’s me different. I work hard enough to make sure that there is nothing between me and luck. So, luck is always after me,” Pragnya Ayyagari explains.

Pragnya is to compete with the country’s 31 state and union territory awardees, and only one of them will clinch the crown in a couple of months. We ask how she’s training for the pageant and she says, “I despise the gym, so I burn all my calories using the classic old Bharatnatyam. The dance form energises my body and revitalises my mind with the motivation to do more. I also practice yoga and a sugar-free home food diet without cheating.”

She who is a fashion designer trained at Inter National Institute of Fashion Design, Himayat Nagar is an ardent lover of plants and is sensitive about sustainability. “Although I saw myself in the glamour world since my early teens, I learned about the harsh truth of the carbon footprint that the fashion industry leaves behind during my years at college. I aim to start a sustainable fashion brand soon. It will sure be time taking and expensive, but I hope to get there.

I’m looking at making use of existing textiles to make garments,” says she. Pragnya earlier used her mother’s sarees and has turned them into beautiful gowns and drapes. She continues to experiment with used textiles to make them all anew. “I also love spending time in nature, talking a stroll in the garden, flowering plants and giggling around with friends,” she signs off.