The curious case of Orry!

A mysterious figure named Orry has been seen hobnobbing with stars, lunching with socialites and holidaying on exotic islands. But, who exactly is Orry?
Image used for representational purpose
Image used for representational purpose

If René Descartes’ “I think therefore I am,” stirred up philosophical thinking in the 17th century, Orry’s famous words, “I am living, I am a liver,” is provoking a social media frenzy in an entirely different way. For months now, the internet has been buzzing with curiosity and intrigue about a mysterious man known as Orry. He’s the quintessential Bollywood BFF to star kids, occupies the front-row seat at fashion shows and brunches with socialites around the world. Orry even accompanied billionaire Mukesh Ambani’s daughter Isha Ambani to the Met Gala 2023, lunched with Rahul Gandhi at a London restaurant and was one of the attendees at the opening night of NMACC in Mumbai along with celebrities like Zendaya, Tom Holland, Gigi Hadid and others.

 The internet’s obsession with Orry began with an innocuous magazine interview. When asked by the editor about his profession and if he is working with any organisation, Orry’s nonchalant response was, “No. I am working on myself. I am going to the gym, I am doing a lot of self-reflection. Sometimes I am doing yoga, I get massages. You know! I am working.” He gave the term ‘self-love’ a whole new meaning! His comment that someone who jogs is a jogger, one who paints is a painter — and since he lives — he is a ‘liver’ birthed numerous memes and even a song.

But turns out, that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Orry. In a hilarious interaction with Bigg Boss 17 host Salman Khan, Orry mentioned that he has five managers and makes `20-30 lakh a night posing for selfies. He explained, “2 social media managers, 1 PR manager, 1 overall brand manager, 1 food manager. The food manager’s job is to see what I eat. He will call the restaurants and say, feed Orry only 5 edamame or remove all the sugar from the minibar.” Before Salman could pick his jaw from the floor, Orry recounted two ‘murder attempts’ on him that were recently hatched!

Who is Orry and what does he do?

According to his LinkedIn profile, Orhan Awatramani, famously known as Orry, works as a Special Project Manager at RIL Chairpersons Office. He pursued a bachelor’s in fine arts and communication design from New York’s Parsons School of Design. He’s also a trained animator. Sara Ali Khan was his classmate. The two even have a graduation picture together. But Orry likes to call himself a marketing genius. That child-like innocence, the endless stream of quotable quotes and the extremely expensive dressing sure helps. It is probable that Orry is a super genius who is playing the public for laughs, but his gift for keeping his name in the media is undeniable and his alone.

Famous for being famous

When it comes to talking about Orry, it doesn’t take long for the question of, “Why is he even famous?” to crop up. Is he famous for being famous? Well, yes. The very idea isn’t even that new. For decades now, socialites and the idle wealthy have done little more than hit the town and get their photos in the newspaper. The Kardashians reshaped that concept for the modern era and expanded it into an empire. There could well be a Orry fashion line, Orry Makeup or Orry Pizza! Who knows?

As for talent? Well, Orry has it in spades. Not the dancing or singing kind (a video of him shaking a leg with actor Janhvi Kapoor is proof) or any of the normal skills one associates with entertainment. Orry has the talent of selling an idea of himself that isn’t really liveable in a pressurised situation. He has the talent for keeping us interested in him, of turning all the curiosity into cold hard cash. And while the internet bursts at the seams trying to figure out what Orry does for a living, Orry is living his best life in Amiri, Tom Ford and Prada. Orry is smart, and he knows what he’s doing. The joke is on us!

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