EXCL: 'My priorities have shifted,' says Sonam Kapoor as she traces one year of embracing motherhood

The Bollywood actress talks to us exclusively about how her skin and beauty care has evolved since her son Vayu’s arrival…
Sonam Kapoor with son Vayu
Sonam Kapoor with son Vayu

She made her debut with Sanjay Leela Bhansali directorial Saawariya with fellow star kid Ranbir Kapoor and even though the film failed to make numbers at the box office, Sonam Kapoor established herself as a star in making her personal brand of style.

At the debut film’s promotional events, her outfits boasted understated elegance and while that took quite a one-eighty-degree turn when Aisha came out, the Indian actress became the industry’s go-to style queen. Her acting prowess may be debated online occasionally but there are no qualms about Sonam being a true-blue fashionista.

We at Indulge are however convinced that the actress’ flawless looks are more than just sartorial outfits by A-list labels. Thus, thirteen years after her debut and a year after embracing motherhood, we finally got Sonam to talk to us about beauty beyond fashion…

The 38-year-old reveals that while she has always been conscious of her skincare and wellness in general, the birth of her son Vayu has definitely made her more conscious. She now invests in brands that are toxin-free, natural and organic. Even her latest collaboration with The Moms Co aligns with this approach.

She says, “Becoming a mother has made me more conscious of my skincare and wellness. As a parent, I scrutinise the ingredients of every product I use. I have made a conscious effort to use only natural, safe and effective products since embarking on this journey.” But motherhood has been more than just a change in skin and hair care for Sonam.

<em>Sonam with son Vayu</em>
Sonam with son Vayu

She tells us that when she was pregnant with Vayu, she took ‘dress the part’ seriously and embraced her baby bump through and through. “Maternity to me was all about relaxing, staying healthy and doing things that make me happy. My approach to style during pregnancy and post-pregnancy centred around celebrating motherhood. I didn’t hide or cover my bump. My fashion choices now are all about embracing my body,” Sonam reveals.

She further talks to us about her non-negotiable skincare habits, her time in the pandemic, upcoming projects and more in these excerpts from the interview:

Pregnancy leads to a lot of hormonal changes which also come with public scrutiny as a public figure. How did you manage that?

I have always been adamant about dressing how I feel and I believe I have always been the kind of person who is transparent about publicly discussing dark circles, PCOS, weight gain and stretch marks to empower others. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that through my style, I celebrate my body and all the ups and downs of womanhood today.

Apart from your son’s birth, do you think the pandemic had anything to do with the change in your lifestyle?

During the pandemic, we all had to be extra conscious. It was important to follow a healthy lifestyle — good sleep, food and exercise. I was also taking supplements that boost immunity like vitamins C and D and Zinc. We were mostly indoors, so my exercise choices also changed to accommodate the new lifestyle, I focused a lot on pilates. With all these changes, my definition of wellness has definitely evolved.

You are known for flawless skin and hair, what’s your secret?

I have been following a routine of cleansing, toning and moisturising for several years now, including using raw milk, organic gram flour and curd to make face packs. I regularly drink coconut water and keep myself hydrated, as I believe it is essential for healthy skin. For hair, oiling is important to keep it healthy. A combination of almond oil and coconut oil and occasionally adding Vitamin E has done wonders for me.

What’s the one skincare habit you never skip?

Water, lots of water! Dehydration is not good for your skin, not good for your body and even your mental and physical health. You are always on the go, how do you manage to maintain a healthy lifestyle? It is necessary to keep yourself active along with eating right according to your body. I love experimenting with my workout sessions and I never miss a session no matter where I am. I have started doing pilates again — this was something my mother introduced me to.

A personal well-being habit you would want new moms to pick up?

Prioritise yourself. I would like to advise all expecting new moms to take care of themselves because — happy mother, happy baby. Trust your instincts and do not judge yourself because every mother’s journey is unique.

We cannot help but ask about your upcoming projects?

Right now, my number one priority is my son. As a mother, I want to give him my 100 per cent and do my best. Nothing comes before him. That means that my career will have to take a backseat for the time being. I remember having an internal conflict about whether or not I should take time off. I have always been selective about the projects — I am not in the rat race. Although, I did work during the lockdown. I shot a crime thriller produced by Sujoy Ghosh, titled Blind which is now streaming on an OTT platform. But my priorities have unmistakably shifted to being a mother. That doesn’t mean I will stop acting completely. It’s something I’m passionate about and I will continue to explore opportunities in the industry when I am comfortable with it.

Blind is now streaming on JioCinema.

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