Oscars 2021: From Nomadland to The White Tiger, here are Indulge's top 7 Oscar-nominated movies that you can watch online

Check out these Oscar-nominated movies before the grand ceremony 

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nomadland and the white tiger oscar nominations

Stills from Nomadland and The White Tiger

With a global pandemic taking charge of our lives, the 2021 Academy Awards looked like a distant affair. The big-production movies have halted and cine lovers could not get a dose of the big and larger-than-life experience in cinema halls. But, this also paved a way for more visibility to smaller movies. But, oh, boy, what an exhilarating experience these movies provided us at the comfort of our own homes. 

As the Oscars got pushed to April 26 from its usual February ceremony, with no after-parties or grand gestures this season, we cannot wait to see how the ceremony will roll out. And while there is still some time for the Oscars grandeur, here are our must-watch movies that got a place in the nominations this year. The best part you ask? They are streaming online. So grab some popcorn and set the mood for a movie marathon with your pals! 


Writer-director Chloe Zoe’s brainchild, Nomadland features a brilliant Frances McDormand playing Fern. For Fern home is not a single person or a place, it is something that you carry along. A tale of loneliness, and finding oneself, the bittersweet drama is a modest masterpiece. The serenity of the movie is aptly captured by the cinematographer, Joshua James Richards. Frances is lyrical and earthy as Fern and strikes a chord with the audience. Will be coming to Disney+Hotstar. 

A still from Nomadland

Sound Of Metal

The first-time filmmaker, Darius Marder’s Sound Of Metal is a reminder to the viewers that it is important to find stillness in the chaos. The central character Ruben, played by Riz Ahmed (best actor nominee) is a punk-metal drummer whose life changes completely when one day he wakes up to a significant hearing loss. The movie which takes time to set its pace beautifully captures Ruben trying to hear things -- and his desperation to strike a chord on the drums that he can hear. Ahmed as Ruben is powerful and his performance drums up empathy and heartbreak. Streaming on Amazon Prime Video. 

Sound of metal
A still from Sound Of Metal


Call it a time-machine splendour as David Fincher’s Mank does not miss a beat. Even once. A biographical movie about Herman J Mankiewicz, a well-known screenwriter from ‘30s and ‘40s Hollywood, the plot revolves around how he wrote the script for Citizen Kane. Right from the opening credits, the movie sets you in an authentic and tumultuous journey of glamour, hierarchies, corruption, and glory of Hollywood. Garry Oldman as Mankiewicz fits right in this monochrome-mythical bubble of stardom and dreams. Fincher, who makes a comeback after Gone Girl delivers this deeply personal tale nearly flawless. Streaming on Netflix. 

A still from Mank

The Trial Of The Chicago 7

Aaron Sorkin’s The Trial Of The Chicago 7 is an authentic re-staged drama of the 1960s infamous trial in which a motley crew of anti-war leaders was charged with plotting and planning to create a storm of violence at the Chicago’s Democratic National Convention in the year 1968. Sorkin’s greatest strength in the movie happens to be his brilliant ensemble. Parallel storytelling that jumps to and forth from flashbacks and cuts back to the courtroom makes a profound impact on the viewers. Even though the movie is set in the ‘60s, the story and the screenplay make it relevant today. Streaming on Netflix. 

The Trial of Chicago 7
A still from The Trial Of The Chicago 7

Judas And The Black Messiah

A sight to behold, Judas And The Black Messiah directed by Shaka King is a recount of Fred Hampton's assassination and the events that preceded. Popularly known as the Black Messiah, Hampton was the Black Panther’s leader in the 1960s. The American government considered Fred a national threat and ordered them to gun him down in his sleep. The movie sheds spotlight on this tragic tale of betrayal and shows us the story through the eyes of the man who betrayed Fred. Daniel Kaluuya plays a charismatic Fred and he commands attention whenever he is on the screen. Streaming on HBO Max and YouTube. 

A still from Judas And The Black Messiah

Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman might seem to have all the core elements for a regular thriller. But this Emrald Fennell directorial is so much more than just that - at the heart, it is a revenge fantasy drama, but in reality, it is a shout of a cry for justice. The movie revolves around a savagely-wicked Cassie, played by Carey Mulligan, who makes men pay for victimising women and get away with a variety of excuses. While the premise sounds interesting and had a strong commentary on the #Metoo movement, it falls flat in several aspects. But watch it for the stellar performance put forth by Mulligan, who is nominated in the best actress category. Streaming on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, and Google Play.

Promising Young Woman
A still from Promising Young Woman

The White Tiger

Last to make it to the list is our very own, The White Tiger. After Lagaan, this movie is the fourth time an Indian movie made it to the Oscars. Director Ramin Bahrani talks about the class inequality in India and also successfully includes cliched elements that are often avoided in a sophisticated setup. His effective storytelling on themes like corruption, caste, and globalisation is accompanied by great performances by Adarsh Gourav, Priyanka Chopra, and Rajkummar Rao. This gritty drama about class inequality in India resonated with viewers across the globe and this is exactly why it made it to the Oscars and this list. Oh, did we mention that we still cannot get over Adarsh’s performance as Balram? Streaming on Netflix. 

The White Tiger
A still from The White Tiger

Do you think The White Tiger will score an Oscar this year? Do let us know your thoughts!