Rakesh Roshan had envisioned 'Koi...Mil Gaya' as a 'solo' film

The 73-year-old filmmaker said that he continues to have the same ambition for the future of Krrish franchise
Hrithik and  Rakesh Roshan | Pic: IANS Photo
Hrithik and Rakesh Roshan | Pic: IANS Photo

 It has been two decades since the release of Koi...Mil Gaya. Filmmaker Rakesh Roshan envisioned as a 'solo' movie, however, he said that it turned out to be "India's first superhero franchise."

The sci-fi film featuring an alien was released in 2003. However, it was not the first sci-fi film made in India. Nisar Ahmed Ansari's directorial Wahan Ke Log is a 1967 Hindi science fiction film, which starred Pradeep Kumar, Tanuja, Johnny Walker. One of the earliest sci-fi films made in India, it tells the story of a supposed martial threat on India by aliens from outer space intending to rob the rich of their diamonds.

Starring Hrithik Roshan, Preity Zinta and Rekha, Koi...Mil Gaya and the superhero film Krrish franchise stand to be the first multi-genre story franchise that carries forward characters and storyline from its preceding parts.

"Koi...Mil Gaya was an ambitious and risky film to make back in 2003, I had only envisioned it as a solo film. Over years we saw the opportunity, and turned it into a Superhero franchise, it was the first time in Indian cinema that a storyline and character journeys were being carried forward as a franchise," Rakesh told sources.

The 73-year-old filmmaker said that he continues to have the same ambition for the future of Krrish franchise, because of the availability of advanced technology, adding that "sky's the limit for our imagination."

The film is set to complete the milestone of 20 years. It revolved around Rohit (Hrithik), a developmentally disabled man who contacts an extraterrestrial being with his late father Sanjay's (Rakesh Roshan) computer. The film follows his relationship with Nisha (Preity), Rohit's friend, who falls in love with him.

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Reminiscing about the making of the movie: "When we set out to make Koi...Mil Gaya there were no reference points from past Indian films that we could take as the concept of an Alien was completely new for the Indian audience. Adding to that task was Hrithik's character Rohit who is a mentally challenged boy other than 9-10 year old child artists," he said.

Rakesh further said: "Rekha's role of playing an independent and well-educated new-age single mother, was unlike any mother we had seen in films days back then."

Talking about the relationship portrayed between Nisha and Rohit, Rakesh said it was ahead of its time. "Here Preity was playing the part of a sensitive young girl. She was the only person close to Rohit's age that understood his state of mind and accepted him. Their track in the film has aged very well and in today's date we are all about inclusivity and accepting the uniqueness of each individual."

"The overall premise of Koi...Mil Gaya was fresh and never-done-before and it makes me very happy that our film has stood the test of time," he added.

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The film will be re-released in the theatres on August 4. Produced by Rakesh Roshan's FilmKraft Production, the flick also starred Johnny Lever, Rajat Bedi, Prem Chopra and child artists Hansika Motwani, Anuj Pandit Sharma in pivotal roles.

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