Michael Jackson biopic to explore 'good, bad and ugly' of late icon

'Let people decide for themselves on what they feel about Michael Jackson'
Micheal Jackson
Micheal Jackson

Filmmaker Antoine Fuqua's biopic on Michael Jackson will offer "the good, bad, and the ugly" of the pop icon. 

The 57-year-old director has offered fans an insight into what they can expect from the eagerly-awaited biopic, revealing that it's his "next project”, as per reports.

Fuqua explained to sources, when asked about his ambitions for the biopic, that he hopes to provide "a better insight on Michael as an artist, as a human being - the good, bad, and the ugly - and let people decide for themselves on what they feel about Michael Jackson."

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Despite this, the project is currently on hold due to the ongoing writers' strike and Antoine doesn't know when things will move forward. 

He shared: "I'm just kind of waiting to see where it all falls out."

Antoine has recently been busy promoting his new movie, The Equalizer 3. The action film stars Denzel Washington and Dakota Fanning, and Fuqua recently shared that the co-stars have developed a very tight bond.

The director told a media organization that Denzel has a "little bit of a fatherly, mentor relationship" with the actress. The Hollywood veteran and Dakota first worked together on the 2004 action movie Man on Fire and their relationship has evolved over time.

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Fuqua added: "As a child her first experience with Denzel Washington is very powerful, emotional. But you can see how she has grown quite a bit. I think it was more fascinating for Denzel than anyone else. Every once in a while when I would yell cut he would just look over and be like, 'I can't believe she's like a grown woman now.' I think it was more fascinating for him than anyone else."

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