As Hyderabad gets back its bustling nightlife, we speak to experts to find out what partying in the new normal looks like

Find out what's happening in the city's party culture

author_img Suchitra Behara Published :  29th October 2021 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  29th October 2021 12:00 AM

Iron Hill Brewery

The festive season is now in full swing and while hitting the dance floor seems like the ideal way to celebrate, we ask ourselves if the city is fully prepared for it? To find out how Hyderabadis are embracing the new party culture, we speak with owners and founders of the city’s popular microbreweries and pubs.

Teja Chekuri, Iron Hill Brewery
For Teja Chekuri, the founder of Iron Hill, big open spaces with limited seating is nothing new. “Our spaces were already huge, and that came as an added advantage. We didn’t have to rework our interiors or our seating like the other restaurants in the city,” Teja shares. He also reveals how the whole hospitality sector which was affected by the pandemic is now gearing up for the upcoming festival season. “We are encouraging patrons to party responsibly and follow all the safety measures issued by the government. Also with masks becoming mandatory, Hyderabad’s party pictures this year are bound to look unique,” the founder adds.

Amit Gulbani, Hard Rock Cafè
Amit Gulbani, the owner of Hard Rock, Hitech-City expresses his relief as things are gradually getting better. He believes that people are now getting tired of house parties and thus they are adding more live events to their calendars. “With more people getting their vaccine doses, things are looking bright. The nightlife in Hyderabad is back, but the safety protocols are still in place,” he shares. He also tells us that social gatherings are no longer the same and all the pubs in the city have a new approach to décor as well. “We changed our seating arrangement, and made modifications to the dance floor too. Also, only a limited number of guests are allowed to maintain physical proximity as much as possible,” Amit informs us.

Hard Rock Cafe
Hard Rock Cafe 

Rohit Medisetty, Broadway The Brewery
Rohit, the co-owner of Broadway, shares that things started turning around rather quickly for his business. He also briefs us that the City Of Nizams’ glitterati were waiting to get back to partying even before vaccination drives started in the city. “The initial curfew and regulations affected the pub
culture in the city. The regular party-goers couldn’t  wait for things to go back to normal, but were slightly apprehensive,” he reveals. Speaking of the regulations at his microbrewery, he explains that they had to make changes to prioritise customers’ safety. “We got rid of the physical menus and went digital. We also placed sanitisers everywhere and made gloves and masks compulsory for our staff,” he tells us. The founder also admits that there might not be a drastic change in the city’s partying culture, but at least the single-dose vaccination must be made mandatory for customers.

Broadway The Brewery

Anoor Paripati, Zero40 Brewing
Hyderabad’s nightlife, which disappeared during the first lockdown, has not returned to its former glory, feels Anoor Paripati, the owner of Zero40 Brewing. But on an optimistic note, he tells us, “More and more people are vaccinated now, so the party crowds are also getting bigger.” On the topic of New Year’s Eve parties, he says, “We are also trying to be cautiously optimistic about the upcoming holiday season.” Anoor also informs us that his microbrewery has been hosting live events and parties for a couple of months now and that the turnout has been surprisingly good. “How long can one be confined to their homes? After two years of lockdown, people are ready to come out — they are ready to get their vaccines, maintain physical distance and adapt to the new partying norms. That is the only forward,” he explains

Zero40 Brewing