‘Kareena Kapoor always puts her work first and I'd like to imbibe her professionalism’: Sara Ali Khan

The Simmba girl whose film Love Aaj Kal is the talk of the nation is all set to appear this Sunday on the upcoming episode of Zee Café’s Starry Nights Gen Y.

Mumbai, April 24: The Simmba girl whose film Love Aaj Kal is the talk of the nation, is all set to appear this Sunday on the upcoming episode of Zee Café’s Starry Nights Gen Y.

Sara Ali Khan was at her candid best as she shared secrets about her lifestyle while also shining a new perspective about life.

Airing on Sunday, April 26, at 10 pm, the show will see Sara and her mentor, Dinesh Vijan the producer of Love Aaj Kal, in an engaging conversation with Komal Nahta.

Sara Ali Khan didn’t mince words when asked about her actor parents and her childhood upbringing in a royal yet humble lifestyle.

“While my father is very particular about education, I believe my mother is like the flagbearer of humility. She believes in putting your head down and letting your work speak for itself,” said Sara Ali Khan on being brought up by actor parents.

Commenting on what Koma Nahta mentioned about studies not being too handy in an actor’s life, Sara Ali Khan was quick to interject by saying, “Your education makes you who you are. It gives you confidence, eloquence and most importantly perspective. You have to learn, unlearn and keep growing. That is the only way.”

Upon being asked of her one superior quality as compared to her mother, Sara Ali Khan shares, “I am better than my mom in studies. For her 10th maths board exam, she attempted zero questions and signed off as ‘Love, Amrita Singh’ and left.”

“Kareena Kapoor always puts her work first and If there was something, I would like to imbibe from her, it would be her professionalism,” says Sara Ali Khan on her love and admiration for Kareena.

Talking high and proud of Sara Ali Khan, this is what producer Dinesh Vajan had to say, “I think among her generation, she is the most intelligent girl. Having studied in Colombia, she is aware of everything that is happening, she has a take on everything and most importantly she understands not just social media but every aspect of how it works.” 

On being questioned about one quality that Sara has to change about herself, Dinesh Vijan says, “She is constantly on fire. Her mind is constantly thinking. Everybody knows that she is here for the long haul, it’s just that even she should know that about herself.”

Sara Ali Khan is known to be quite vocal and outspoken about current global affairs which make for her to be a great conversationalist.

Dinesh Vijan says, “I enjoy bonding with Sara over intelligent conversations. The basis of every conversation with her makes a lot of sense though she might get a tad hyper at times.”

Watch Sara Ali Khan and other GEN Y celebrities with their mentors on Starry Nights GEN Y airing every Sunday at 10 pm only on Zee Café and Zee Café HD.

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