Watch Benny Dayal and his band Funktuation perform unplugged for Unwind with MTV 

Unacademy Unwind with MTV goes on air from August 13
Benny Dayal
Benny Dayal

Singer Benny Dayal is among those top singers in Bollywood who have given the audience unforgettable hits such as Badtameez Dil (Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani) and Locha-e-Ulfat (2 States) in recent years. Now the singer has signed on a new project and he will be singing some of his songs unplugged. Benny and his band Funktuation are among the featured artistes on Unwind with MTV. The show goes on air this week, and in a chat with Indulge Benny tells us what to expect:

Tell us about your collaboration with MTV for Unwind. What about the concept excited you?
Unacademy Unwind with MTV brings a new concept into the picture. Normally, artistes like us are a part of so many shows where it’s just about our music in rearranged versions but here, we get to represent a new genre which fits our personality, our body of work and repertoire. I feel this is a brilliant initiative, and I’m really glad to be part the show. I got to perform with my band and my horn section Funktuation on the Horn Flakes, it was a brilliant collaboration together. 

Were you involved in the process of curating the tracks? 
Yes, I was involved in the process of curating the tracks. We got to do our thing, which we do normally, but to write new versions of two of my Bollywood hits and one of my originals was an enriching experience altogether. Tracks were selected keeping in mind the genre - Bolly Funk which entails bringing Bollywood and my funk inspirations and influencers into the mainstream music. The tracks were also selected on how energetic they would turn out, while being a little cheeky and funny. The idea was to keep a fine balance of energy and fun, so the audience enjoys it, along with us.

Considering how songs are getting remixed, do you think Unwind will provide a new way of looking at timeless tunes and songs?
People are always on the lookout for trends in music and I think with a show like Unacademy Unwind with MTV, it will give music enthusiasts a chance to be immersed in the concept of remixes and recreations. With mixed notions about it these days, it’s important to understand the beauty of it and how it gives a new dimension to timeless tunes and songs. That’s what we’re trying to do in the show. Additionally, we are recreating our own hits, so we wouldn’t compromise on the quality or the vibe.

Can you name the songs that you will be singing?
I’ll be singing new versions of two of my Bollywood hits namely Tamil Fever X Lets Nacho and Jai Jai Shiv Shankar. Along with that I have also curated an original – Baldywood Hero, for the episode with my band and my horn section Funkuation on the Horn Flakes. 

How do you think music industry has evolved in the last one year, considering the explosion of apps, and how YouTube has grown as a platform? 
The music industry has definitely evolved in the last one year and we see a shift in music across platforms. A lot of things are measured, in terms of how many people are listening to you, listenership and subscriptions. People have different moods, and they consume music on different platforms depending on their mood at that moment. Sometimes they are thinking visually, sometimes it’s all about the audio. Otherwise, I think music is music, it’s always going to be this way, it’s going to be part of every platform because people want to listen to music to calm their mind. 

Unacademy Unwind with MTV goes on air on August 13. Every Friday, 7PM. On MTV

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