Krishi Becoming Rishi in Hyderabad was all about finding peace of mind, spirituality, and divinity through meditation

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Spiritual leader, author and the fourth in the line of Raja Yoga masters in the Sahaj Marg system of spiritual practice, Kamlesh Patel, was in the city to address the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (ICAR) NAARM (National Academy of Agricultural Research Management), Rajendranagar. Better known as ‘Patel’ or ‘Daaji’, spoke about the importance of having a sound and pure mind for work and personal life, which can be achieved through meditation and yoga.

The event, called Krishi Becoming Rishi, was all about finding peace of mind, spirituality, and divinity through meditation. Coordinated by Dr RC Agarwal, deputy director-general, ICAR, and Dr Ch Srinivasa Rao, director of NAARM, the lecture primarily covered meditation and yoga, including topics such as nature, agriculture, the purpose of human beings, spirituality, divinity, and religion.

Patel started the lecture with the reasons for pollution and spoke at length about humans’ involvement as the biggest reason for pollution. “We are polluting air and water as there is no alternative. As our ultimate motivation is money,” he added. The lecture addressed the importance of having a peaceful and happy life as we are surrounded by stress all the time and this stress often stops us from making the right decision.

Talking about the arduous journey of Krishi to Rishi he said, “First we need people around us to support us and in this world with constant stress, it is becoming difficult to have a peaceful mind.” He added that without meditation, humans cannot achieve the highest state of consciousness. “As humans can’t make a rational decision without a clear and peaceful mind.”

The lecture was followed by a 15-minute meditation by the audience, with able instruction from the Daaji, where people focused on trying to remove the negative thoughts. “Yoga and meditation are not about strengthening your hands and legs, yoga is how your consciousness is in tune with the higher consciousness, and this happens only through meditation,” said the president of Shri Ram Chandra Mission, a non-profit organisation where heartfulness, and training programmes about yoga and meditation are conducted.

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