Chennai is all set for a day of mindful healing

This brand-new pop-up in the city focuses on self-healing and spirituality, besides food and fashion

author_img Romal Laisram Published :  02nd April 2021 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  02nd April 2021 06:00 AM
Aaliiyaa H Jarriwala & Priyanka Adiya Baid

Aaliiyaa H Jarriwala & Priyanka Adiya Baid

The Soul Sojourn is a pop-up with a difference. This exclusive one day retreat with healers, therapists, wellness-products and organic food — all under one roof — curated by the duo Priyanka Aditya Baid and Aaliiyaa H Jarriwala from The Magical Orb, aims at focusing on the mind, rather than on matter. 

The pop-up features 14 stalls — a mix focusing on varied therapies, conscious retail and organic food. “In these times of stress, hopelessness and despair, especially after being hit by this devastating pandemic, hundreds of people from across the globe have been reaching out to the both of us for just that ray of hope, an assurance, a safe sanctuary or sorts. They are all looking for a space where they can heal and make a conscious journey of self awareness and emotional upliftment. So, we thought why not curate an exclusive retreat dedicated specially to wellness through a gamut of healing modalities and organic retail therapy,” shares co-curator Priyanka Aditya Baid who will also be offering French cartomancy readings at a stall. 

Crystal healing
Crystal healing

From art therapy to organic skin care and everything in between, there’s something for everyone. There’s conscious fashion from Upasana by Auroville, sustainable and organic bed linen from Divleen’s Glory and organic skin care and hair care from Aurv Organics. Two stalls from Mumbai in particular will make their debut at this pop-up; Vibe with Juuhi with Vastu, gems and crystal therapy; and Ankiyta’s Divine Tarot that will focus on tarot and palmistry. There are stalls focusing on art therapy by Vasusri Jhaver and Dayaline Sivakumar who also make their debut. 

“We strive to offer these magical doses of wellness to a very famished city at amazingly sustainable prices, never compromising on a holistic and a conscious way of life. We are not catering to superficial happiness but internal wellness,” explains co-curator Aaliiyaa H Jarriwala. 

On the organic front, one can look forward to food from Vandy’s Snacks and Healthylicious Bakes and natural and organic products from B2S1. 

April 3, at The Folly Amethyst, 11 am to 9 pm.