Freiq, known and loved for its class-apart sweaters launches a new collection in Hyderabad

Cool ‘art’ to keep you warm

author_img Rachel Dammala Published :  27th July 2022 12:29 AM   |   Published :   |  27th July 2022 12:29 AM
Representative image

Representative image

It’s officially sweater weather and brand Freiq was in the city to launch its latest collection during the weekend. The brand that breathes life into street-wear and avant-garde fashion, is rebirthing the concept of bold simplicity in streetwear sweater culture with interesting artistic graphics.

Calling their products art rather than clothing, co-founder Fawwaz Alladin, says Freiq is all about going unnoticed, but having a great character hidden which is displayed by artistic graphics. “The uniqueness of our apparel goes with the tagline ‘what is seen doesn’t matter as it is nothing and what is hidden does because it is not flaunted’. Every single design of ours has a story behind it. The art on the clothing is tangible and more than just seeing it, one can feel and take inspiration from various activities and emotions that humans go through in their everyday lives,” he explains.

Freiq is known and loved for its class-apart sweater collection. Speaking about their latest graphical prints, Fawwaz shares, “Our graphical prints on the hoodies are bold yet simple. We’ve designed them with a lot of attention to detail and focused very heavily on quality too, making our hoodies great to look at and extremely comfortable to wear.”

Not to forget that their monochrome theme among the hoodies and sweaters becoming a rage. But as simple as the colours seem to appear, Fawwaz shares the story behind it, saying, “It is inspired by the concept of Yin & Yang that believes contrary forces may be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world — we wanted to implement that thought into art with our clothing — hence the colours white (Yin) and black (Yang).”

The street-wear culture and community in Hyderabad have been growing rapidly for a couple of years now, observes  Fawwaz. “Freiq aims to inspire the millennial and Gen Z crowd to be confident, expressive and expiring and we believe this wonderful city is the best place to start that movement,” he tells CE.
The brand was in town for its first pop-up store which ran through the weekend where they showcased their unique products, talked about the inspiration behind their art and also gave everyone an immersive art experience.

“It was a great success. We’ll be opening our Freiq apparel gallery very soon where people can come to check out our collection and art and learn more about our story. Simultaneously, will be introducing more designs in the next few months which we know will be game-changing,” he signs off.