Dip in Hyderabad's colour pool this summer

Summer is one season that many look forward to, to try out a new look

author_img Rachel Dammala Published :  03rd May 2022 05:30 PM   |   Published :   |  03rd May 2022 05:30 PM
Representational image of coloured hair. (File | PTI)

Representational image of coloured hair. (File | PTI)

Summer is one season that many look forward to, to try out a new look. The summer break brings freedom for trial and error and hair colours are a cool, temporary way to embrace something new. We speak to hairstylists, fashionistas and influencers who attempted some pretty bold hues. 

Vara Tirupati, a graphic designer from the city coloured her hair once and couldn’t stop the addictive habit. She had been looking forward to summer to test a few colours and a beautiful blue it was! “I had dyed my hair just at the beginning of April. Though it was not your typical summer colour, a new summer look was definitely in my mind,” she shares. 

Vara dyed her hair midnight blue! She adds, “My hair was dyed turquoise at the time and I was growing out of the poppy electric colour and needed something more subtle and elegant. And there it was, the mysterious celestial blue!” She often finds herself falling in love with bright pastel colours in summers, whether that’s for her wardrobe or hair colours: “Bright yellow like the sunflowers, lavenders, the pinks, the blues — they all seem so much more fun to wear and rock in summers than in any other seasons.”

Fashionista and influencer Divya Pandey loves colours and summer was just another reason to try another one. “I’m not a fan of blacks, whites and browns, I add colour at every opportunity to my wardrobe. Even when I set out to colour my hair this summer, I had no specific colour in mind because I became spoilt for choice. Once I reached the salon, I chose a beautiful mix of pink, blue and purple because I just couldn’t zero in on one,” she laughs. 

Celebrity fashion designer Sanjay David lists colours that range from lavender and mushroom brunette to silver-blonde and chestnut, to experiment with this summer. Hairstylist Solapuri Vimala says extra attention must be paid to one’s skin tone when choosing a hair colour, adding that, “While colour pops are a rage now, if you’re the kind that wouldn’t prefer loud shades, start small with burgundy, chocolate brown and copper highlights. The best part about these colours is that they go with every outfit, event and occasion.” 

Well, folks like Divya don’t mind tweaking their wardrobe a little, to accommodate their hair colour. “It’s not a lot of effort — when I choose a hair colour with multiple shades, I can’t go for printed clothes, so I ‘plain’ down my outfits accordingly,” she says. Sanjay concludes with a word of caution: “Hair colours can sometimes lead to permanent hair damage leaving you with no choice but to chop it off. Do your own research and figure out the best brands for your hair’s needs.”