Are you a coffee addict? Head to the newly opened Caffeine Baar for their manual brews and Spanish Latte

Ayesha Tabassum Published :  21st January 2021 10:30 PM   |   Published :   |  21st January 2021 10:30 PM
Head to the newly opened Caffeine Baar for their manual brews and Spanish Latte

Head to the newly opened Caffeine Baar for their manual brews and Spanish Latte

Bengaluru has witnessed the rise of coffee roasteries in the last few years. A new roastery called Caffeine Baar in South Bengaluru has now joined the ranks. Tucked away on the first floor of a semi-commercial building near JP Nagar Central, the cafe is brightly lit because of its glass facade and windows.

Bean there
The roastery co-founded by Poojya Prasad, a coffee enthusiast serves an elaborate coffee menu that includes classics, house specials, cold brews, iced coffees and manual brews. "Caffeine Baar is more of an experience centre. Apart from serving coffee, we also have a cupping room for those who would be interested in a cupping session," explains Geetu Mohanani, COO and coffee expert. Cupping is the art of tasting and brewing coffee, and is usually a group activity. But because of the pandemic restrictions, the roastery hasn't yet hosted any session yet.

We were quite intrigued by the manual brews section on the menu. If you too opt for one of the manual brews like we did, then one of the baristas will present the complete brewing process before you at the cafe counter. What's even more interesting is that, for this process, you will have to choose one of the speciality coffee beans from the 100-year-old Baarbara Estate in Chikmaglur that are available on the shelf.

The Caffeine Baar

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Caffeine Baar offers five beans - Naturals, Pulp Sun-Dried, Pineapple Fermentation, Honey Sun-Dried and 24-Hour Fermented, Washed. We sampled all five different brews and were quite impressed with the starkly different flavours, aftertaste, texture and acidity. While every palate reacts differently to every brew, we liked 24-Hour Fermented brew. The caramel notes, medium acidity and smooth texture were all in coherence. For those who like to try coffee with milk, we suggest the Spanish Latte that's made with milk and condensed milk. It may be a tad bit sweet for most palates, but we still recommend it for its richness.

They also have a well-curated food menu that offers brownies, croissants, cookies and sandwiches. The croissants are crisp, flaky and baked to perfection. We especially liked the Paneer Bhurji Croissant. The coarse texture of the paneer bhurji complemented the flaky and buttery croissant. If you have a sweet tooth, then the Caffeine Baar Brownie is highly recommended. Made with dark chocolate, double espresso shot, these are fudgy in the centre and come with a truffle topping. Whether it's the coffees or the food, Caffeine Baar is definitely a must-visit.