The Asian Express: Our latest visit to Mamagoto introduced us to a revamped menu having the best of the Asian cuisine

Mamagoto has introduced a fresh range of dishes in their new menu including varieties of baos, sushis, dim sums and tacos

Pranav Shriram Published :  11th August 2023 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  11th August 2023 12:00 AM
(Clockwise) Assorted Tacos Platter, and Chicken Katsu Roll. Pan Fried Chicken Bao,  Xiao Long Soupy Dim sum,

(Clockwise) Assorted Tacos Platter, and Chicken Katsu Roll. Pan Fried Chicken Bao, Xiao Long Soupy Dim sum,

For all gourmands preferring Asian cuisine, Mamagoto is a not new name. With its classic charm and delicious spreads, one might think this popular Asian restaurant may have already topped all lists. However, with the introduction of a new menu containing a variety of freshly introduced baos, tacos, dim sums and sushis, Mamagoto has won us over yet again.

Bao! So Good!
Having visited an outlet in Chennai, we couldn’t get over the plush décor of the restaurant. Waiting for the dishes we admired the artworks that adorned the walls and ceilings. Meanwhile, the aroma of steaming hot baos entered the vicinity of our table. The two varieties served — Wild Mushroom Bao and Pan Fried Chicken Bao — were some of the most well-cooked baos we’ve had in recent times. With some succulent pieces of Mushroom and Chicken in their respective variants, the stuffings of the Bao worked wonders.We were curious to try the same with a range of some of the recently introduced dumpling dips. The best of the lot was the Black Bean Sauce, which produced a melody of flavours when consumed on its own. You could taste the subtle smoky flavour, with the tang just setting in a few seconds later, and finally, the spice of the sauce ends up surprising you. The Wild Mushroom Bao, which is filled with truffle oil, and diced flavoured wild mushroom worked best with the Black Bean Sauce, and it is definitely a combination you must try if you feel a tad bit adventurous.

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Dim sum more
Such a pairing also works with the Shangai Chicken Dim sum, which is one of many recently introduced variants of dumplings. While we’re on the topic of dim sums, be sure to order the Xiao Long Soupy Dim sum. This was a perfect mix of flavour and wondrous consistency as it helped us revisit a familiar dish in a uniquely appetizing fashion. Filled with warm chicken broth, this flavoured dish dumpling is one of the newest additions on the menu and ticks our checkbox of must-try dishes. We also couldn’t help but check out their latest additions of Soft Tacos including the Enoki Mushroom Taco and the Smoked Chicken Taco. Both variants gave us a burst of flavour, with some crunchy textures of the fillings.

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Star of the show!
We’ve saved the best for the last — the sushi variants. This new menu introduced us to the Spicy Salmon Uramaki, a raw fish sushi variant and the Chicken Katsu Roll, a heavenly treat in the form of cooked sushi, for those who are undecided about having raw fish in their sushi. If you feel as full as we did, we can assure you that a cup of Jasmine Tea can definitely help you soothe your full tummy.

Price for two: 1,600.
Available across all outlets.