Hyderabad based HYDesserts offers local favourites like Shahi Tukda and Mutton Rogan Josh  

The all-new HYDesserts is home delivering authentic Hyderabadi meals in neatly wraped packages. 
Baklava from HYDesserts
Baklava from HYDesserts

From local delicacies like Chicken 65 to Turkish classics like Baklava and Kunafa, the recently opened HYDesserts has a diverse menu. It is handpicked by the founder Mohammed Aamer Salahuddin, who is an architect by profession and loves to experiment with his food. He says that his menu is inspired by his mother’s recipes and perhaps this is why it stands out. For 24-year old Aamer, the first-time venture into the cloud kitchen business is all about bringing the city’s rich heritage to your doorstep. “With HYDesserts, I wish to deliver authentic and unique nawabi flavours to the city,” says the founder.

Biryani indulgence

We received the food wrapped neatly in transparent boxes oozing. So, without much delay, we dived right into the food. We first tried the Chicken Biryani. The rice was flavourful and the spices were wellbalanced. It was also lightly drizzled with ghee and the rice alone had so much flavour that we could not stop at just one bite. What we loved the most about the biryani was that the meat was tender and came in bite sized pieces. It is perfect for those who avoid food that oily and highlyspiced and yet want to have an indulgent meal.

Chicken biryani
Chicken biryani

Desi picks

If you wish to go for a scrumptious Indianised meal, then their main course section is just what you need. Indian breads like Laccha Paratha, Aloo Paratha and Gobi Paratha are cooked and fried to perfection. To go with the parathas you can pick the flavourful Dal Makhani from their vegetarian menu. They also offer a wide range of non-vegetarian dishes like Mutton Rogan Josh and Nahari.

Desserts galore

Finally, we arrived at the dessert section and tasted the city's favourite treat the Shahi Tukda. The bread drizzled with the right amount of caramelised syrup was our favourite part of the meal. It also comes with dry fruits adding a crunch to the otherwise soft dessert. HYDesserts was quite a new experience to us. They offers an array of home-cooked meals with called out to us. Also, make sure to check out their Turkish desserts.

Rs. 700 for two. Available online  

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