Hyderabad's Sauce On The House, serves unlimited sauces and dips with your food

Unlimited sauces to satiate your tangy cravings

author_img Shreya Veronica Published :  06th November 2021 06:55 PM   |   Published :   |  06th November 2021 06:55 PM

'Sauce On The House' is a place where you get unlimited sauces and dips served with the dish that you order

Are you one of those people who loves sauces of different kinds and can’t finish a meal without them? We know how most food joints serve sauces and dips that are barely sufficient for a few bites, leaving us asking for more. This often ends up with us having to pay extra!

Putting an end to such irksome experiences in the city is the eatery, Sauce On The House, which literally lives up to its name. It’s a place where you get unlimited sauces and dips served with the dish that you order. Another novelty to this place is that it has no seating area, and people who drive by in their cars can have their food served in a special try that fits in the vehicle like a table.

Sohail Ansari, the owner of Sauce On The House, talks to CE about the idea behind the unique concept: “The idea of unlimited sauce came up during my college days. Every time I craved shawarma or any such light food, I had to look for places that offered free sauces. I hated that most places would ask to pay extra for sauces and dips. I’m from Dubai and every time I visited Hyderabad, I saw that this was a genuine problem that needed to be fixed. I’m one that loves sauces and empathise with such people, that’s how this idea of unlimited sauce came alive.”

Sohail says he didn’t want to invest too much in a seating arena and so came up with the idea of a tray that perfectly fits like a table in your car. “This novel idea sure added value and won us, customers,” he tells us. Sauce On The House has two outlets in the city — one at HiTec City and the other in Banjara Hills. The place offers different varieties of sauces, and owner names a few, “We have honey mustard, sweet onion, barbeque, mint mayo, ketchup, and English mustard, among others, which are being given to customers for free. By the end of this month, we will also be serving garlic mayo and other signature sauces to the customers.”

Sohail informs that a majority of his sauces are brought from the suppliers, so you’re likely to get almost every sauce you ask for. “Almost every sauce available in the market is served at our place. After a while, following feedback from customers, we discontinued a few of them. I picked the top 15 sauces and narrowed them down to the best few.” About the bestsellers and recommended dishes at Sauce on The House, Sohail shares, “Right now, the chicken wings are selling like hotcakes. It is reasonably priced and tastes yummy. We also have our signature wraps which are based out of our signature sauces.”

Curious, we ask him what their signature sauce is, he says, “Our signature sauce is made up of orange sauce, peppers, vinegar, jalapenos, etc. It gives you a tangy and sweet taste, a ‘hot’ favourite of our customers.” The place has seen gradual growth, thanks to word of mouth, say he who credits car-dining for the recent spike in customers.