The South head of Farzi Cafe, chef Surya Kumar shares his favourite festival recipe

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Rampur Ki Gulaththi
Rampur Ki Gulaththi

Thinking of whipping up payasam or laddoos today? Then, why not try this rice-based dessert? Rampur Ki Gulaththi, a sweetmeat from the kitchens of Shahi Nawabs, is often served at weddings and festivals. What makes it special is that, while it might look like regular kheer or phirni, the rice used is made into a coarse paste. There is also a crunchy gulaththi topping — attributed to ‘gul’ or florets made from the caramelised scrapings left at the bottom of the pans. Chef Surya Kumar, the South head of Farzi Cafe, shares an interesting take on this traditional dessert. Here is the recipe:


Milk - 2 litres | Basmati Rice - 250 grams | Sugar - 750 grams | Ghee - 200 millilitres | Khova - 200 grams | Desiccated coconut - 250 grams | Cardamom powder - 10 grams | Cashews - 25 grams | Chironji - 35 grams | Almonds - 25 grams | Kewra water - 10 millitres 

Chef Surya Kunar
Chef Surya Kunar


● Firstly, wash the basmati rice and soak it. After a while, coarse-grind the rice by adding water. 

● In a thick bottomed vessel, boil milk. After the milk reaches its boiling point, add the rice paste and let it cook. As the rice and milk concoction starts reducing, add sugar, mava (khoya), and cook it. 

● Meanwhile, roast the cashews and chironji in ghee. Also, add desiccated coconut and ghee to it and stir continuously. To this, add chopped almonds and cardamom powder 

● Now, keep stirring and scraping all the caramelised milk from the sides of the vessel. 

● Once it reduces to a thick creamy paste add kewra water and cook it covered.

● Then ladle it into small earthen plates. 

● Sprinkle a fair amount of khurchan and serve. 

Pro tip: 

● To prepare the toppings, in a vessel, heat some ghee and add a ladle of the cooked gulatthi.

● Fry till it forms a crispy khurchan that looks like leftover scrapings at the bottom of a vessel after cooking an Indian sweet. Once it gets to the right texture, sprinkle the scrapings as a topping.  


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