Barbeque Nation is hosting a food festival, Mango Mania, to bid goodbye to the mango season

The promising Mango Mania food festival serves an entire meal made of mangoes
From the food festival
From the food festival

Whatever your favourite fruit, you can’t deny that the mango will always have a special place in your heart — no wonder it is called the ‘king of fruits.’ With summer, a season that only mangoes can make feel better, coming to an end, Barbeque Nation is hosting its Mango Mania food festival to help you say ‘adieu’, better. We visited its newest branch in Kompally to relish the best of the foods that they gleaned off the mangoes

Mango is one fruit that blend s well with most ingredients to make the best of combinations. The dishes served at the food fest were a good example of that.  Keeping it limited yet worth every bite, the festival has been grabbing the attention of people fans of the fruit. The entire meal claims to leave you wanting for more — from starters and drinks to the main course and desserts!

We started off with the aam panna that set our tummies racing for what was to come — the tangy flavours of raw mango and mint set us on the right start! The chilli mango pineapple and kacchi aambi fish tikka is definitely a must-try. For salad enthusiasts, mango pineapple salad and spicy mango chilli are two great options to go for.

The aambi fish curry, aambi dal tadka and aamib veg from the main course were finger-licking good. One can’t get enough of the raw mango and mango pulp shining through the spicy ingredients in the dishes. Not to forget the two hit mango sauces at the fest a mango salsa and the mango chilli dip they were both the right mix of tangy and spicy! The meal ended on a high with too many options to choose from mango pastry, mango mousse and the aam phirni all of which made it difficult to pick out a favourite. 

Papai, who served us these delicacies patiently, couldn’t contain it he knew exactly what went into every dish, helping us choose what we’d like best, from the hoard of dishes available. Shiva Kumar, manager at Barbeque Nation, Kompally tells us the food fest was set up right in time to let Hyderabadis have a blast with mangoes one last time, before they have to wait for another year to relish it. He adds,

“Every dish on the menu was curated and put together with much thought and experiment. We’ve received great feedback and are excited for more.” The ongoing festival across all Barbeque Nation restaurant ends on June 30, so go grab your last bite of the mango before it ends! 

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