Here’s where you can enjoy a millet-full delicious Sunday brunch in Mumbai

With a healthy delicious menu, live counters, beverage bar, and live music, Marriott Executive Apartments’ brunch will make your Sundays delightful
Marriott Executive Apartments Navi Mumbai has launched its Sunday Brunch with Your Bunch at the Hillview Café
Marriott Executive Apartments Navi Mumbai has launched its Sunday Brunch with Your Bunch at the Hillview Café

All hail millets! It looks like the G20 summit dinner menu was not the only one celebrating millets. Marriott Executive Apartments Navi Mumbai has taken India’s Millet Mission to a whole new luxurious level with its Sunday Brunch with Your Bunch at Hillview Café.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the streets of Mumbai, sitting in a spacious restaurant with a view of a waterfall cascading down the hill, live music playing in the backdrop, a drink in hand, counters full of cuisines and a chat corner to choose from. That’s how we spent our Sunday, peacefully enjoying the delicious and healthy brunch.

What’s interesting is that each section of the menu features at least one dish made up of millet, including salads, appetisers, main courses, Italian and even desserts! We started our food marathon with Garden Green with Millet Multi Grain Seeds Crisp salad, which was as mouthful as it sounds but you do get options to choose your dressing according to your taste. You can even make your own salad with a range of ingredients and a whole lot of cheese options spread out for you.

Our favourite starter, hands down, was the Bajra Stuffed Makhamali Paneer Tikka. With the Bajra so subtle, the paneer soft and the masalas on point, it just touched our hearts. However, if you are not a big fan of paneer, you can always go for the flavourful Spinach and Barley Kebabs paired with the classic green chutney. And to all Gujuratis out there, how do you feel about Ragi Flour Khandvi? Well, we feel that some things are best millet-free. Although they did retain the OG Khandvi in the Chaat section. 

Coming to the main course, Dal Makhani is to die for. It is creamy with a hint of sweetness and tanginess that combine well with all its flavours. You can also try out Palak Paneer, Ragi Millet Kadi, Kolhapuri Sabzi, and more gravies with rotis that can be ordered from the live counter. Another mouthwatering dish was the Spinach Ricotta Millet Cannelloni in the Continental section. If you are craving some meat or seafood, you can try out Lamb Moussaka, Pearls Millet Risotto with Prawns and Pickle Tomato and Grilled Fish with Parsley and Leaks Volute. If these don’t get your tummy growling, there’s always Chinese!

The real Sophie’s Choice here was selecting our dessert. From Indian mithai to Western cakes, you can get anything and everything you are looking for.

If you are coming with your kids, there’s a special kid’s buffet tailored to their taste from French fries to candy floss. If they cry, don’t you worry, there’s a clown and a mini bounce house to keep them entertained.

When: 12:30 to 4:00 pm, every Sunday
Where: Hillview Cafe at Marriott Executive Apartments Navi Mumbai
Price: INR 1799++ per person without alcohol; INR 2499++ per person with alcohol
Reservations: +91 99205 06096

Twitter: @surbhi02shah

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