Breathe in... breathe out! AIROK Vistar 550i makes the air cleaner, safer - and looks good doing it

Review: AIROK's Vistar 550i is designed to make the air cleaner, safer and look good doing it.

author_img Ashok Pandian Published :  21st December 2019 01:40 PM   |   Published :   |  21st December 2019 01:40 PM
Vistar Comfort Air Purifier

Vistar Comfort Air Purifier

Gadget review: AIROK Vistar 550i

Chennai, Dec 21: It's safe to say that none of us really know what we breathe in every day.

The average Indian City is full of air toxicities which include particulate matter, noxious gases, allergy-inducing pollen, microbes, CO2 and even further disturbing substances.

Enter AIROK's Vistar 550i which is designed to make the air cleaner, safer and look good doing it.

The smart, fully automated Air purifier covers a huge area of up to 45 sq m and takes about 11 minutes to completely re-circulate air in the room.

Setting it up took a bit of time for me as the app refused to sync with the 550i several times, a simple re-boot of the app and the device helped connect.

I figured the best place to try it would be my new office, which is getting renovated as we speak, and has all kinds of stuff flying around including dust, cement, multiple odours and stale air.

The V550i took its time, but the results were favourable. Overall I felt more energised, fresher, odours vanished after an hour and the Purifier was very quiet even at high speed. 

The touch control on the surface could have been a tad smoother, otherwise no complaints.

The device is also easy to carry, so I could move it room to room waiting till the AQI in the Air Ok smart mobile app showed safe.

It also looked great with a unique industrial design and turned several heads while at work.

Here's the thing, once you use an air purifier you'll never wish to go back, plus the health benefits far outweigh the cost of the device and filter replacements.

Get ready to Inhale! Prices start from INR 25,000 onwards. for more details.