Disha Patani’s intense workout routine is sure to inspire you to hit the gym

The backflip, executed from a raised platform, enhances flexibility, body coordination, and posture
In frame: Disha Patani
In frame: Disha Patani

Disha Patani, renowned for her enviable fitness levels, once again dazzled her fans with a glimpse into her rigorous workout routine. The actress, known for her sculpted physique, regularly shares snippets from her intense training sessions. From effortless flying kicks to gravity-defying backflips, Disha keeps pushing her boundaries.

In a recent Instagram Stories post, Disha treated her followers to a video of her signature backflip. Despite her flawless execution, the actress humbly mentioned that she was returning to training after a brief hiatus, emphasising the need to get back into the routine. In another captivating video, Disha elevated her backflip challenge by performing it from a certain height, showcasing not only her agility but also the benefits of this exercise.

The backflip, executed from a raised platform, enhances flexibility, body coordination, and posture. It specifically targets the strengthening of the upper body and core abdominal muscles. Disha expressed her excitement, saying, “Can't wait to fly back again.”

Disha’s workout routine isn't limited to acrobatics; the actress embraces high-intensity weight training. The video displays her engaging in squats with barbells on her shoulders, a powerful exercise targeting glutes and thigh muscles, contributing to strength and flexibility. Additionally, Disha incorporates dumbbell squats and a barbell glute bridge, promoting overall muscle strength.

For Disha, even holiday indulgences involve sweating it out. A video on her Instagram reveals her boxing prowess, an effective method to tone and strengthen arm muscles. Her caption, “Tryna earn my holiday sweets,” showcased her dedication to fitness even during festive times.

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