Recipe: Chef Sumanta Chakraborti shows us how to ace the perfect Jali kebab  

What sets the jali kebab apart from the rest is its jali or net, created using a delicious egg concoction

Sonali Shenoy Published :  30th April 2021 07:00 AM   |   Published :   |  30th April 2021 07:00 AM

Chef Sumanta Chakrabarti is passionate about presentation. This, we can tell from the eye-catching images of the dish he has chosen for us. The Kolkata-based chef who heads the culinary division of the Ambuja Neotia Hospitality Group tells us there’s a simple but effective mantra to follow to ensure you have soft kebabs every time: “prepare your mixture sticky, not dry”. The kebab variant he is sharing the recipe for today is popular in North Kolkata and the streets of Bangladesh. What sets the jali kebab apart from the rest is its jali or net, created using a delicious egg concoction. We hope you have an apron ready, let’s get started!


Chef Sumanta Chakrabarti

Jali kebab


Minced lamb 150 gm | White bread 10 gm | Fried onion 15 gm | Ginger paste 5 gm | Garlic paste 5 gm | Raw papaya paste 5 gm | Red chilli powder 3 gm  | Garam masala powder 2 gm | Nutmeg powder 1 gm | Mint leaves 5 gm | Fresh coriander leaves 5 gm | Chopped green chillies 10 gm | Egg 1 | Flour 75 gm | Turmeric powder 2 gm | Coconut milk 90 ml | Fresh bread 30 gm  | Crumbs 30 ml  | Ghee 15 ml  | Refined oil 60 ml  | Pudina chutney 


● Mix minced lamb, bread, ginger-garlic, fried onion, raw papaya, red chilli, kebab masala, nutmeg powder, mint, coriander, green chilli, egg together

● Shape them and keep them in the refrigerator for an hour. That would make the kebab firm.

● Dip the kebab into the egg mixture, then coat them lightly with bread crumbs and grill.  

● Sift flour and ground turmeric into a large bowl. Add salt. Stir in a beaten egg and coconut milk until a smooth batter forms.

● Strain the batter to remove any lumps.

● Brush a little oil onto a non-stick pan on medium heat. Pour a little batter into the roti jala cup until about half full. Move the cup in a circular motion over the pan to form a lacy pattern. Cook until set. This only takes about two minutes. Slide crêpe out of pan onto a plate. Repeat until all batter is used up.

● When cool enough to handle, fold in both sides of the crêpe and roll to form a neat package over meat patties.

● Grill over a hot plate with ghee till done.

Hot tips!

● A kebab should be generally bite-size so it cooks fast and takes less time.

●  Try using metallic skewers, this helps in transferring heat so the outside and the inside cook simultaneously.

This recipe shared by chef Sumanta Chakrabarti is on the menu of the East India Room at the Raajkutir, a heritage-inspired boutique hotel in Kolkata.