Five must-have equipment for home workouts to improve your fitness journey

Here are a few items to consider buying before starting your weight loss or weight gain journey

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Must-have gym equipments

Must-have gym equipment

If you're someone who is gym shy or if you find it difficult to go to the gym every day, you might prefer working out alone at home. At the same time, you might also be wondering if a home workout will be as effective as a gym workout because the gym has an extensive array of equipment and heavier weights. However, you can spend money on the most basic weights and equipment to work out at home and still feel the effects that home workouts will provide. Here are some things you should definitely invest in.

Yoga mat:

Choosing the right yoga mat will improve the quality of your workout. You are more likely to injure yourself if you do not use a yoga mat. It should be sweatproof and properly cushioned; otherwise, the mat will become slippery if the surface becomes wet with sweat.

Jumping rope:

You may have a cardio machine at home, but a jumping rope can be one of your best investments instead of spending too much money on setting up cardio equipment. A weighted jumping rope is another option for increasing the intensity of your cardio workout.

When it comes to weight loss or weight gain, resistance training is more important. To begin with, invest in weights ranging from 2 kg to 5kg, gradually increase the weights and make sure it's easier to lift, with proper posture.

Resistance band: 

A resistance band is the most effective way to increase overall strength in either the upper or lower body. The band helps in the execution of exercises such as squats, jumping jacks, standing lateral band walks, bridges, and others.

Pushup bar:

If you're a beginner who's having trouble doing pushups, this one is for you! Pushup bars are useful in a variety of ways. It improves the range of motion and makes it easier to achieve your fitness goals. It can be used for workouts like pike push-ups, push-ups, headstands, and more.