Hyderabad’s wellness label Nyrrvana gives a perfumed spin to sanitisers

Sushi Krishna Thanneru, the research and strategy manager who helms the label, says the lemongrass and plant extracts help in elevating mood

Paulami Sen Published :  23rd April 2021 12:15 PM   |   Published :   |  23rd April 2021 12:15 PM
Perfumed sanitisers from Nyrrvana

Perfumed sanitisers from Nyrrvana

Hyderabad-based label Nyrrvana has aimed to make sanitisers that smell good and leave your hands feeling soft. “ These products — approved by AYUSH (Board of Ayurveda) — have added essential oils, lemongrass extract in them, to help enhance your mood every time you sanitise” informs Sushi Krishna Thanneru, the research and strategy manager who helms the label.

Sushi Krishna Thanneru

She started the label after coming back to India, following a work stint in Singapore, to resume her work after a maternity break. But given COVID-19, fate had other plans for her.

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With the pandemic, the cry for sanitisers, hand washes and overall better hygienic practices grew louder. Sushi shares, “I researched to understand the difference between various sanitisers and hand soaps. I also learnt that the smell of alcohol, hand itch, dryness, and cuticle burns are some of the reasons people refrained from using it and I wanted to address this problem.” She promises that the sanitisers in their repertoire smell great and lift your mood too as they are created by infusing aromatic plant-based extracts.

Of sanitisers and scents

After overcoming the challenging part of getting all the necessary approvals and getting certified by AYUSH, she not only retails online but her sanitisers can be spotted at some of the well-known diners in Hyderabad like Fonce Chocolatier, Humming Bird Cafe and Hole in the Wall. Their sanitisers come in 11 different fragrances -vanilla, chocolate, hibiscus and watermelon. You can select the chosen fragrance while ordering the products — sanitisers or handwashes — on their website.

Sushi claims that there are therapeutic fragrances. Also, their sanitisers come in a spray form, that can not only be used on hands but only all the surfaces for elevator buttons to car keys to washroom seats. “You don’t have to use 10 different sprays for sanitising but this one is good to go. We have not compromised on the formulation and use World Health Organisation-recommended 75% IPA alcohol,” says Sushi, adding that their gel versions even have neem and aloe vera extracts added in them. On the cards are germ-protection body washes, shampoos and conditioners.

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