Jatin with the legendary Stan Lee
Jatin with the legendary Stan Lee

Ahead of Chennai's debut Comic Con, Founder Jatin Varma gives us a sneak peek of what to expect 

Jatin also talks about the challenges he faced setting up such an iconic event in the city, the future of Comic-Con in India, whether Hall-H-like events will happen and more

The biggest crossover event finally debuts in Chennai! As we turn the pages of the proverbial comic book of Chennai, we can see that much has happened with its characters. The organisers spent many days convincing partners while looking for the perfect place to host this pop culture extravaganza, as founder Jatin Varma tells us.

Our chat with Jatin introduces us to some unheard details about the two-day event. Further, he tells us about what experiences are in store while also opening up about the future of Comic Con in India.

Since it has taken a while to host Chennai’s first Comic Con, what are some of the challenges you faced in setting up the extravaganza?
The biggest challenge is infrastructure and related elements. We like to plan long-term and look at how an event might grow over three to five years. Therefore, ensuring we have the right space and the infrastructure to fuel that growth is important. We also gauge interest from our exhibitors and partners; any potential city has to give them the comfort of growth for their businesses and marketing plans.

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What can Chennai expect from its debut Comic-Con in terms of events and artists?
We are bringing all elements of our event to Chennai, nothing is getting short-changed in any manner. This is not an express or smaller version, this is a full-fledged Comic Con! The event will feature some of the leading Indian and international creators, fan experiences, cosplay, the biggest comic book store in the city, a dedicated gaming space, and some amazing performances. We have some intriguing sessions on our main stage exclusive to Chennai such as interactions with leading Tamil voiceover artists, and Art Guy Rob, to name one. We also have an exclusive experience for Kung Fu Panda 4 by Universal Pictures!

How has India opened up and adapted to Comic Con?
We have a very healthy mix of Indian and international pop-culture content. I only see us growing bigger and further.

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What does the future of Comic Con look like in the country? Will there be any Hall H-like events like film studio presentations or any other additions, going ahead
The future is bright. Concerning the Hall H scale, I certainly believe there is scope for growing to that scale. We already see special previews and presentations of upcoming releases at quite a few of our events. But to be fair, it takes time to reach that scale, not just for our event, but the overall market size of the pop-culture industry as well. But I certainly see it down the road.

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