Musician Hanita Bhambri's new track Home Alone talks about how a moment of silence can lead you back to yourself

Her other songs like Jalpari and Dive were loved by her listeners too.

Paulami Sen Published :  16th September 2020 02:47 PM   |   Published :   |  16th September 2020 02:47 PM

Hanita Bhambri, Picture: Randy Tan

Singer-songwriter Hanita Bhambri is known for her lilting vocals and tracks whose lyrics remain with you even after you have finished listening to the track. She has been steadily garnering a loyal fan following ever since her songs like Let Me Go and Be Patient came to the fore. Her other songs like Jalpari and Dive were loved by her listeners too. The New Delhi-based musician spoke to us recently after her track Home Alone was released, while working on singles she hopes to release later this year. Excerpts:

What is the process of creation like for you, what comes first, music or lyrics?
Whenever I have an idea or maybe I'm overwhelmed and have to express how I feel, I just start writing. And the process for me is just creating the entire song - the lyrics, melody and harmony - all of it simultaneously. It feels most real and natural to me, like emptying out an emotional bucket that was overflowing.

At what age did you first start singing?
I started singing when I was 13 when one of my friends told me that my voice sounds nice. I pretty much taught myself how to sing cause it just gave my life so much more meaningful

Hanita, tell us what prompted you to create your latest track, Home Alone
The song is meant to capture the uncertainties and anxieties all of us have been collectively facing at the moment. It might make you feel like you’re staring down the barrel of a gun, it might pull you into the darkness - but if anything the song is a reminder that loneliness is not an enemy. Sometimes we need to acknowledge or even embrace negative thoughts and feelings in order to find a way back to ourselves.

What inspired you to write it?
The inspiration behind the song was actually the end of a relationship where one feels like they’re always at war. When I was writing the lyrics - I wanted the whole song to be a metaphor of how in love we make each other our whole worlds, and when the world comes crashing down we’re left alone in the wreckage. It was an ode to starting over. Despite the many times you might need to start over please remember that you are more than the broken parts of yourself.

Tell us how the beautiful lyric video came about for the song?
I connected with Madhurika, the artist who helms the Instagram handle, Uncombed Sketches when she had made a fan art video of my previous release Jalpari. I liked the simplicity and the emotion she feels for the work she does and asked her if she’d like to be part of my next project. So I let her interpret the song and create something she would be proud of. And an emotive lyric video came out of the process.

Who are the contemporaries you like listening to and can find on your playlist?
Lately, I’ve been listening to the likes of Abhilasha Sinha, Anuv Jain, Mali, Zaeden and Raghav Meattle. I feel like all of these artists have created an amazing niche for themselves. My biggest inspiration is Damien Rice (Irish singer-songwriter), but more recently I’ve also been inspired by Billie Eilish because of her experimental style.

Home Alone is out on all leading music streaming platforms.